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Cat Scare & Centennials

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I imagine that a parent’s worst feeling would be to lose his or her child.
That was my fear when my parents helped me move. On the day after Super Bowl XLV, I couldn’t wait to get to my old home from my work commute, but when I arrived, my mom informed me that Annie ran away when she & my dad tried to disarm my alarm. Needless to say, I freaked out & dug through a box full of my tenis to run around my neighborhood in search of my cat. Since she found me just over a year ago as an abandoned kitten, I refused to risk her getting hurt out in the wild again.
Here are the measures that I took:
*I called Banfield, the Pet Hospital, to report her missing & put her on lost pet alert to scan her microchip
*I asked every single neighbor who I approached
*I turned on my flashlight in every bush, underneath every car, & all over the open spaces.
An added bonus was that a gang of neighborhood boys, ranging from 2nd to 7th grade, helped me look for Annie, but they kept saying that they found her when any random kitty passed by or would chase them away. Whenever they went off on their own to play, I continued searching for her on my way own & literally bumped into my dad as I turned the street corner. My 2hr Annie hunt reached a close as she happened to be hiding in a box, much to my relief! Plus, it turns out that my neighbors’ kids weren’t just joining my mission from the goodness of their ♥s, but also from my mom’s money offer if any of them found Annie!
On a bright note, my Lolo Tico (my maternal granddad) would’ve turned 102 today, & Super Bowl Sun (2/6/11) also happened to be be The Great Communicator, President Ronald Reagan’s 100th Birthday, so here are bits & pcs of his speeches as our Commander-in-Chief + others who spoke @ his memorial: Ronald Reagan Tribute

Pack or Black?

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Super Bowl XLV = Moving Wkend #2. This time, my parents flew down to help me out big time. I picked us up Bacon Cheeseburger & Pepperoni Super Bowl Special Pizzas + Spaghetti & Wings from Guzzi’s Pizza – which, in my opinion, provides the best service & flavor (1 major reason why I’ll miss Sharyland). We also picked up Silver Fox/Bullet (my 2000 Volvo S70) – who’s been undergoing considerable maintenance this past yr, this time on replacing her timing belt. During the game, I couldn’t fully tune in while I had to pack but either way, I went for the yellow team: black & yellow for the Pittsburgh Steelers + green & yellow for the Green Bay Packers – who are now the NFL Champs! Afterwards, my parents & I drove to my new home, where I spent my 1st night there; it’s almost official…

So-Called Snow Day

In Home Sweet Home, Workin' Woman on 02/03/2011 at 10:02

Yay, off Thursday & Friday! Cold fronts are spreading all over Stateside. While many parts up north are below freezing & @ negative temps, we’re still considering the 20s & 30s as a reason to close operations, including cancel classes, here in the Valley…
~ let it snow * let it snow * let it snow ~
Since I’m stranded @ home clear of furniture that’s already found way into my new humble abode, I should use this time to pack. Keeping in mind that I wasn’t gonna have a weekday off after MLK Day ’til Memorial Day, I’m grateful for these 2 off days. Today, I watched my daytime TV (i.e., talk shows like Ellen & Rachael Ray + GH & HIMYM re-runs), followed by primetime (i.e., GA & NBA), as well as cooked warm comfort food being creative w/the minimal ingredients that I still have left here. Asia & Annie the cats are content while we’re cooped up in the crib, but they already have been regardless.
~ Baby, it’s cold outside… * So nice & warm ~


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As a sugar-coater by tendency, I don’t like to share sad or bad news unless it’s a prayer request for a ♥ed 1, so as a journalist, I’m more marketable as a writer for feature stories than hard, late-breaking stories.
However, I must express my disappointment that I’m separated from Rob, my bf who I thought would be THE 1. 3 wks later, I’m still bummed out, but I’m taking it 1 day @ a time. To be honest, I’d ♥ for us to find our way back to each other, yet we seem to be heading in different directions.
For example, I found my new home in Harlingen that I look forward to settling into, although I’ll miss living in Sharyland or close to Rob @ the new house that he bought in McAllen. If I get anything meaningful out of our relationship, it’s to be positive & independent again. Right now, I’m taking 1 day @ a time – like so many people have told me throughout the yrs – & as my spiritual mentor, Bishop Mike, has advised me: w/the Lord.
Unfortunately, when we lose a ♥ed 1, it’s either through death or by choice. Of course, I recently lost Uncle Ding when he died, & this time, Rob chose to split up w/me. Therefore, I also must choose what I do & where I go from here…
Once upon a time, I had my 1st true ♥, & now he’s found THE 1 for him. Now that he just turned 30, he’s marrying her around ♥’s Day. GOD-willing, THE 1 for me is out there, so I can start a family someday, for I believe I can achieve my sense of purpose once I can serve others aside from myself unconditionally… Who, what, where, when, why, & how do I choose?