Pack or Black?

In Community, Home Sweet Home, Sports, Travel on 02/07/2011 at 07:00

Super Bowl XLV = Moving Wkend #2. This time, my parents flew down to help me out big time. I picked us up Bacon Cheeseburger & Pepperoni Super Bowl Special Pizzas + Spaghetti & Wings from Guzzi’s Pizza – which, in my opinion, provides the best service & flavor (1 major reason why I’ll miss Sharyland). We also picked up Silver Fox/Bullet (my 2000 Volvo S70) – who’s been undergoing considerable maintenance this past yr, this time on replacing her timing belt. During the game, I couldn’t fully tune in while I had to pack but either way, I went for the yellow team: black & yellow for the Pittsburgh Steelers + green & yellow for the Green Bay Packers – who are now the NFL Champs! Afterwards, my parents & I drove to my new home, where I spent my 1st night there; it’s almost official…

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