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Almost 2yrs have passed since I last posted, & so much has happened since then ~ most recently a positive addition to my lifestyle: Blogilates! Cassey Ho, the host of POP Pilates, POP Cardio, & HIITilates (high-intensity interval training) videos, has inspired her POPsters, including yours truly, through her workout sessions & healthy living advice. She keeps all of our exercises fun by playing upbeat tunes *[+ I love her themes like Victoria’s Secret Angel & Sailor Moon] – hence the POP – & gives us tough love – so we don’t stop (like my rhyme this time?)! With all of Cassey’s Blogilates social networks – Blogilates YouTube, BlogilatesTV, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – I appreciate how this fitness expert (who has her degree in Biology w/honors) involves us – especially this month of JaNEWary during her birthday & giveaways – as we all commit to be fit! Ever since I started Blogilates – including the newly released POP Pilates DVD – + Cassey’s Pilates Bootcamp on Livestrong Woman & Perfect Pilates Body Workout Plan on WeightTraining.com, I’ve found much more improvement on my balance & strength + a new love for cooking + I feel & look better, thanks to her oGorgeous collection & tutorials on how to:

Train like a Beast & look like a BEAUTY ❤

* The Sailor Moon Workout Plan‘s my all time fave Blogilates session ~ The Sailor Moon Workout Video features superhero moves like Serena Sidekicks & Starlight Stair Run + an exciting storyline w/YOLO honorable mentions (i.e., miso soup) *

  • Clean eating still can be yummy

This ish is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!! {like in Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl}

Blogilates FOOD Bites Cookie

Banana + egg + microwave = EZ Cookie

Easiest Cookie

Blogilates FOOD Bites Cookie

Banana + egg + microwave = EZ Cookie (oven option pic here)

Now I wanna jam to Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes

Blogilates FOOD Bites Pan

Banana + egg = cracked up to be easy!

Banana Pancakes

Blogilates FOOD Bites Muffin

Egg + oatmeal = sweet easy deal! MMM 4 Microwave Mug in 1 Minute!

Minute Muffin

  • Exercising still can be glamorous

Let’s go w/Cassey Ho & get that Blogilates glow!

POP Pilates DVD

Blogilates POP Pilates DVD Premiere

POP Pilates DVD + workout printable = exercise anytime anywhere! Happy POPster

Beachy Waves (below)

Blogilates Tutorials

POP Pilates + Hair Did & Tank Made = Train Like a Beast, Look Like a Beauty!

DIY Workout Tee (above)

Blogilates ~ oGorgeous

Happy POPster Day #13 Winner of JaNEWary Giveaways ~ BeYOUtiful

MORE from the Inspiration Collection

#BeYOUtiful #POPsterPresents

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