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My Latest Top 5: My Greatest & What’s Trending

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Here are my freshest pieces on some of my passions: sports, fashion & travel!


I call these drama kings Professional Ballers Bawlers. The ones from the NBA reign on the Hardwood Crybaby Court while the others from the NFL and the MLB have their Field of Tears ;-(


I was born in Europe yet would like to take a tour with my other half. He’s already been, but a trip there together would be worthwhile if love is in the air. ❤


I chose these style icons because they still have an impact on us trendsetters and followers to this very day, not to mention that they may have been involved in the world beyond fashion.

Tipoff: My Hoop Scoops Debut

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Check out my Top 5 list of ballers callers: Top 5 Youngest NBA Coaches Ever
I included my fellow Filipino/Pinoy boy whose Heat was defeated by my Mavs but beat the last 2 Western Conference Champs to go all the way in the NBA, but he was still older than these batch who coached in the league as 20-somethings. Enjoy the read & please feel free to repost on your feed!

As I write this, I find out that another 1 of my lists is now live: What Are the Top 5 Workout Videos?
These all target total body fitness, so I didn’t include Brazilian Butt Lift to solely work out bum bum.

& last but not least, for now, here’s my author page (which was how I found out my that latest was just published in the 1st place):
Top 5: Elaine J. Dispo


*COMING SOON: More Sports Stories…