Tipoff: My Hoop Scoops Debut

In Pro-DiSPO, Public Interest, Sports, What's Hot, Workin' Woman on 08/07/2013 at 05:00

Check out my Top 5 list of ballers callers: Top 5 Youngest NBA Coaches Ever
I included my fellow Filipino/Pinoy boy whose Heat was defeated by my Mavs but beat the last 2 Western Conference Champs to go all the way in the NBA, but he was still older than these batch who coached in the league as 20-somethings. Enjoy the read & please feel free to repost on your feed!

As I write this, I find out that another 1 of my lists is now live: What Are the Top 5 Workout Videos?
These all target total body fitness, so I didn’t include Brazilian Butt Lift to solely work out bum bum.

& last but not least, for now, here’s my author page (which was how I found out my that latest was just published in the 1st place):
Top 5: Elaine J. Dispo


*COMING SOON: More Sports Stories…

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