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Workout Wednesday: 2014 Strong & Limber Legs

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Strut your stuff!

‘Tis the time to start baring your legs with shorts, skirts and dresses with higher hemlines and of course swimsuits!

Yesterday, I addressed feet and toes, and now we’re moving our way on up to those limbs attached! This training session will shape up your bottom half by keeping you limber and tightening up your tush so you can show off your stems in these warm days! (20x each)

Full Legs • Calves • Thighs • Butt

Recommended Resistance: wrap around weights for your ankles or resistance bands

Props: mat for laying exercises, stable chair for sitting exercise (leg extension*)

Let’s start our legs with a Squat Series for full leg sequence…
1. Narrow Squats: stand with feet together, squat to sitting position and raise to starting position (20x)
2. Squat Pulses: stand with feet facing forward and legs at hip width, squat low and raise halfway (20x)
3. Plié/Sumo Squats: stand in wide stance with feet facing out at 45* and legs last hip width, squat low and raise all the way up (20x)

Let’s step into our Lunge sets to keep working out our whole legs…
4. Side Lunges: stand in wide stance with feet facing forward, lunge to each side, alternating sides for each repetition (20x per leg)
5. Split Lunge Pulses: bend forward knee at 45* and drop backward knee toward floor one leg at a time, switch sides after set (20x per leg)
6. Lunge Box Step: start side lunge, followed by forward lunge, another side lunge, backward lunge and finish rep with one side lunge, then switch sides (4x per leg x 5 lunges per leg per rep = 20x)

Calves for your Bottom Halves
7. Calf Raises: stand with legs at hip width, start at tippy toes than lean back on ankles (20x)

Thigh Time
8. Leg Extension (quadriceps, top of your thighs): sit down on stable chair, extend legs out, your choice of one at a time per set, alternating sides or both at once (20x per leg)
9. Leg Curls (hamstrings, back of your thighs): stand with legs together OR position hands shoulder width apart and knees on mat, raise one foot at a time toward backside (20x per leg)
10. Leg Abduction (outer thighs): stand with legs together, raise one leg to the same side up to hip level, switch side after set OR lay on one side with legs straight out and lift top leg upward (20x per leg)
11. Leg Adduction (inner thighs): stand with legs together, raise one leg to the opposite side up to hip level, switch side after set OR lay on one side with top leg bent in front of you and lift bottom leg upward (20x per leg)
12. Clam Shell (overall thighs): lay on back with legs raised and heels together so knees face outward, bring knees together (20x)

Wrap up this Round with Your Butt
13. Donkey Kicks (glutes): position hands shoulder width apart and knees on mat, raise flexed foot one at a time toward ceiling while clenching your glutes (20x per leg)
14. Bridge Pulses (thighs and glutes): lay on your back with feet flat and knees together, raise hips while separating your thighs and clenching your glutes (20x)

For more high time for thighs, here’s my Thigh Day Friday post, which I originally shared for the sake of my soccer student’s request for inner thighs!

For the remaining 2014 routines, please click on the following links:

Go Beast Mode! 

To the tune of…


Wayback Wednesday: JRob took this at the Vela Wedding almost a decade ago! Click for more wedding wear!

ZZ Top’s


I sang “I’m Every Woman” as a tribute to the recently deceased Whitney Houston/Queen of the Night @ Karaoke Night a couple of years ago! Click for more warm weather wear!

She’s Got Legs


Representing my *DALLAS COWBOYS* on my 30th Birthday! Click for my Ball Calls on my ‘Boys & the NFL!

♫She knows how to use them…♪

Beauty Tuesday: Pretty Feet

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Today, I want you to think on your toes about how you care for those lil’ piggies!

Almost a couple of weeks ago, we attended Holy Thursday Mass at my Church, where our Deacon’s homily was about how Jesus washed His disciples feet. Deacon, who is a doctor, discussed how disgusting feet may be, but how this experience of washing each other’s feet was a sign of love.

Let’s love our feet!

Treat your feet to pedicures. Whether you DYI or go pro, make sure that you moisturize for smooth, soft skin all over, from the tops of your feet to your soles: buff any rough edges, lather with lotion, apply cuticle oil to your toe nails and paint fresh coats of color ~ especially so you can show them off in sandals and peep toes this Spring and Summer! Check out my cold feet tips that still can work all year-round!


Treat your Tootsies w/T♥C! Like my Spring & Summer soap & lotions full of fun, floral or fruity fragrances? *SWEET PEA Forever* is a tribute to the Birthday Girl {photos below}

Since many of us fashionistas like to sport stylish foot candy in forms of stilettos or narrow toe boxes, pointy heels and toes may do debilitating damage to our feet in the long run. Speaking of the long run, when I ran races, I started noticing more pain at the joints of my big toe and pinky toe bones. That’s when I became more aware of my bunion problem, which already was hereditary yet worsened through my types of shoes and strenuous activity. Then I addressed my options with two podiatrists (foot doctors) — who both were conveniently located within just running distance from my home at the time — and they brought to my attention alternatives to surgical removal — which I’d seek as a last resort if my symptoms were too severe (plus I didn’t want to suffer post-op risks or sever off time from teaching or training to recover off my feet). Here are the measures that I’ve taken to live with these bunions and delay the process of becoming more prominent and bothersome.

Beat & Bash Bunion Busts

  • Prescription Orthotics
  • Toe Wraps
  • Toe Bandages
  • Toe Separators (i.e., Yoga Toes)

Easter Basket for Feet Treats {info below}


PURRfect Pedicure: PedEgg to smooth sole skin & Gel Toe Separators to straighten toe bones + prevent paint smudges


Love your Peds even in Keds! I wear these Toe-Kinis w/some open- & closed-toes or customed Foam Toe Bandages w/socks & closed-toe shoes.


While On-the-Go or at Rest: Soft Splints to wrap around feet can work in spacious shoes or even during sleep, & Gel Guard can be worn w/socks & closed-toes

Now how ’bout I wrap up the foot of this post on a kicka** note? We celebrated the True Blue Pitbull/Mavs Champ Canine Sweet Pea‘s Birthday! She turned the BiG 1-2 a week ago!

*SWEET PEA* the Easter Bunny

#HappyEaster from my #MansBestFriend #BirthdayGirl #SweetPea the #sweetest #pitbull in the #world who’s the #BIG12! #OlGirl #SeniorDog in #BunnyEars #BirthdayDog #BdayGirl #birthday #dog #MadDogging #MadCheezing #canine #K9 #KoolAid #smile #sweet #love who is #groan #grown out of #happiness #Easter #SeniorDogs #12thBirthday #AprilBaby

*SWEET PEA* the Birthday Girl/Easter Bunny

#HappyEaster & #HappyBirthday (4/22) to #SweetPea the #sweetest #pitbull in the #world who’s the #BIG12 ~ my #MansBestFriend #BirthdayGirl #OlGirl #SeniorDog #BlowOutTheCandles #MakeAWish on #BirthdayCake in #BunnyEars #BirthdayDog #BdayGirl #birthday #dog #MadDogging #MadCheezing #canine #K9 #KoolAid #smile #sweet #love is #groan #grown out of #happiness

*SWEET PEA* the Make a Wish DOG!

#HappyBirthday (4/22) to #SweetPea the #sweetest #pitbull in the #world who’s the #BIG12 ~ my #MansBestFriend #BirthdayGirl #OlGirl #SeniorDog #BlowOutTheCandles #BirthdayCake #BirthdayDog #BdayGirl #birthday #dog #MadDogging #MadCheezing #canine #K9 #KoolAid #smile #sweet #love is #groan #grown out of #happiness #SeniorDogs #12thBirthday #AprilBaby Tag PhotoAdd LocationEdit

*SWEET PEA* the Mavs Champ K9!

#HappyEaster & #HappyBirthday (4/22) to #SweetPea the #sweetest #pitbull in the #world who’s the #BIG12 ~ my #MansBestFriend #BirthdayGirl #OlGirl #SeniorDog #BlowOutTheCandles in #BunnyEars #BirthdayDog #BdayGirl #birthday #dog #MadDogging #MadCheezing #MavsMadness #DallasMavericks #MFFL #canine #K9 #KoolAid #smile #love is #groan #grown out of #happiness

Man's Best Friend & *MAVS* Fans for Life

Our MAVS have thought on their toes to 2 victories in this 1st round of the NBA Playoffs!

& don’t forget to stretch those lil’ piggies!

Thirsty Thursday: Lessons of the Cross

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Happy Easter Thursday!!!

Phil. 4:13

Throwback Thursday: Celtic Cross w/Crown of Thorns & HOLY SPIRIT Dove (Philippians 4:13) ~ Fresh Ink as seen on Formal post

On Good Friday, I posted the Way of the Cross, so if you followed along, I invite you to consider how we can apply JESUS CHRIST‘s Passion to our own lives in the form of compassion for Him and His people.

[Stations in boldLessons in italics. (Some lessons are the same in different stations — if  you’ve learned other lessons, please care to share!]

  1. JESUS is condemned to death. Accept criticism ~ We all have our own cross to bear.
  2. JESUS is laden with the Cross. Accept accountability ~ We all can help solve problems. 
  3. JESUS falls for the first time. PERSEVERE ~ DON’T give up, even in struggle. 
  4. JESUS meets His mother. Seek comfort from others ~ We are not alone. 
  5. JESUS is helped by Simon of Cyrene to carry the Cross. Render aid to those in need ~ We all can help. 
  6. Veronica wipes the face of JESUS. Render aid to those in need ~ We all can help.
  7. JESUS falls for the second timePERSEVERE ~ DON’T give up, even in struggle
  8. JESUS consoles the women of JerusalemRender aid to those in need ~ We all can help
  9. JESUS falls for the third timePERSEVERE ~ DON’T give up, even in struggle. 
  10. JESUS is stripped of His garments. RESPECT ~ We all entered this world in purity. 
  11. JESUS is nailed to the Cross. GOD is the only Judge ~ We need NOT bully or hate. 
  12. JESUS dies on the Cross. Remember the LORD’s LOVE ~ He sacrificed for ALL of us. ♥ 
  13. JESUS is taken down from the Cross. Consider others while they are still alive ~ We will all leave this Earth sometime.
  14. JESUS is laid in the Holy Tomb. Sharing is caring ~ We all can spread the wealth of health, joy, peace & blessings, for as we were born with nothing but GOD’s LOVE, we will take nothing more than GOD’s LOVE when we depart. 

GOD Bless Y’all!!!

Workout Wednesday: 2014 Upper Cut for Upper Bod

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Raise the Roof!

Spring Break has passed, so swimsuit season has been sizzling for a while, and if you want to bust out your bikinis, you must come out on top, from head to toe! This segment of my 2014 series will focus on your upper body: ABC for arms, back and chest!

Bentsen State Park

Wayback Wednesday: Climbing Trees in the RGV 5yrs ago w/well-defined bis!

2014 Upper Cut Upper Bod

Briefing: Stand up for the first arm series (1-3), go into reverse plank (hands and ankles on ground, front facing up] (4), go into full plank [hands and toes on ground, front facing down] to transition from tris to chest (5-6), go onto bench or back for more chest (7), stand back up to complete chest (8), return to full plank for back (9), then stand up again for the remaining for back then back to arms (9-14)! Of course, you can switch up the order per your liking, but I found this arrangement to be quite challenging yet still streamlined smoothly!

Recommended Resistance: light dumbbells or wrist weights for lifting moves

Other Equipment: bench* if available

  1. Upper Cuts: kick this bad boy off by curliing arms up tae-bo style while slightly lunging side to side (20x per arm, both sides = 1 rep) [biceps]
  2. Raise the Roof: pump up both arms at the same time, starting @ 90* angle w/elbow @ shoulder level (20x) [shoulders]
  3. Arm Twists: extend arms out at wingspan, rotating inward then outward (20x) [forearms & upperarms]
  4. Tricep Dips: on reverse plank, dip triceps then lift back to starting positon (20x) [triceps] *bench can come in handy
  5. Tricep Push-Ups: in full plank with hands flat on the ground narrower than shoulder level, as well as toes, keeping back straight, lower body to where chest almost touches the ground then push back up (20x) [tris] 
  6. Chest Push-Ups: in full plank with hands flat on the ground at shoulder level, as well as toes, keeping back straight, lower body to where chest almost touches the ground then push back up (20x) [chest] 
  7. Chest Flys/Gate Goal Posts: start with arms together at 90* angle directly in front of you, then pull apart to contract your chest (20x) [chest]
  8. Chest Press: go onto bench* or back with elbows hinged at chest level, lift resistance then lower (20x) [chest]
  9. Renegade Rows: go back into full plank, then pull arms in one at a time (20x per arm, both sides = 1 rep) ~ add push-ups to the mix if you wish (20x) [back]
  10. T-Bird Deadlift: stand back up with one foot on the ground while lowering resistance & raising the other leg behind you (20x ~ perhaps 10 on one leg, 10 on the other) [back]
  11. Lat Pulldowns: start with arms overhead, pulling down resistance with chest arched and back straight (20x) [back]
  12.  Shoulder Pinches: lean forward with legs hip width apart and arms hinged at hips, pulling resistance back (20x) [back & shoulders] 
  13. Tricep Extensions: lean forward with arms at side, pulling resistance back (20x) [tris]
  14. “W” Curls: stand straight in split stance or legs hip width apart, curl arms directly in front of you, then at 45* angle, then at 90* angle from the side (20x, 1 “W” with all three angles = 1 rep) [bis]

For these previous 2014 routines, please click on the following links:

Stay tuned next week for this last but not least set for your legs!

Beauty 2 for Tuesday: Fave Fancy Formal Wear for Prom & Wedding Season

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It’s a fancy feast of frills & thrills up in here!

With Proms coming up and many weddings around the corner, I want to show you  how my style has evolved over time through these throwbacks and more recent ensembles from major events.

As you can see, I prefer maxi dresses because I thought that long skirts would conceal my lack of height, but I can lean toward revealing my legs more!

Even though most of these were worn only once, there’ve been a couple that made their way in the rotation twice…

Red, White & Blue sequined Mestiza gown (Filipiniana Gala) ~ frontal view in my Dispo Bio


My Philippine national flag number & my Celtic Cross w/Crown of Thorns (Philippians 4:13) + my DSLR make their debut @ the Ms. PIDC-RGV Pageant ~ caught in action as I catch the action on camera!

Turquoise one-shoulder (sister Joanne’s wedding)

Dispo-Cooley Wedding

My sis wanted all of us bridesmaids to look the same, but I as MOH took it upon myself to add a shawl (to cover my back tat — I thought it was appropriate for the Catholic Church ceremony) & ruching to the skirt of my dress! I wanted the Belle-of-the-Ball from Beauty & the Beast look, so check out my “princess hair”!

Midnight Blue sleeveless satin dress w/ruffled skirt (student Limeya‘s wedding and this year’s Valentine’s Sweetheart Ball) ~ as seen in my Attitude w/Gratitude

Escabarte Wedding

I exposed my back tat this time w/straps + my hair teased & pinned up @ the outdoors wedding & reception + to adopt my golden lab Cami!


The 2nd time around, I wore my hair mostly down & this silver shawl to compliment the bling on the empire waist of this evening gown!


Like the dark blue clutch w/silver chain & sparkly stilettos to match the shimmery shine?


Since this is a long dress, I try to bare my running man tattoo on the dance floor! Maybe my next ink should be the dancing queen!

Deep Purple sleeveless chiffon A-line dress (cousin Donnabelle‘s wedding and Royals Banquet)


Getting ready @ the hotel


Nanay & Me


Nanay, Uncle Terry & Me


Lola Enrica, Uncle Terry & Me


Flying solo!


I added this purple shawl from México to warm me up @ the Banquet! My black & metallic silver signature Coach Poppy glam tote came in handy to carry my DSLR so I could photo @ the event!

Magenta one-shoulder taffeta maxi dress (cousin Melissa‘s wedding)

Dollete-Dallape Wedding

Another round of ruching to give more of a textured effect!

Tangerine & Sage cap-sleeved tafetta bridesmaid dress (cousin Vee‘s wedding)

Razon-Luna Wedding

Dress Fitting

Razon-Luna Wedding

Dad & Me

Razon-Luna Wedding

Parents & Me

Razon-Luna Wedding

Nanay & Me

Razon-Luna Wedding

Filipiniana w/Auntie Fe & Nanay

Razon-Luna Wedding

Cuz Ignaz Philip

Razon-Luna Wedding

Kuya Ryan “Psycho-Patrick”

Razon-Luna Wedding

Pope John Paul II

Razon-Luna Wedding

Entourage (I’m in the back row)

Razon-Luna Wedding

Entourage (I’m in the front row)

Razon-Luna Wedding

Bride’s Side: 4 generations (my LOLA ROSA front & center)

Razon-Luna Wedding

Wedding Reception Festivities

Razon-Luna Wedding

Bridal Party

Razon-Luna Wedding

I won the Bachelorette Game!

Razon-Luna Wedding

Now I score the garter!

Gold one-shoulder cocktail dress (last year’s Valentine’s Sweetheart Ball)

Sweetheart Ball 2013

Parents & Yours Truly

Sweetheart Ball 2013

Yours Truly & the Pinays

Sweetheart Ball 2013

Just my luck: I always seem to win something!

Lime Green sequined halter w/tulle skirt  (Prom)

Prom 1999

Sissy helps me prep for Prom!

Silver spaghetti strap slit maxi w/silver platforms (senior Winter Formal)

Winter Formal 1999

Sissy & Me (her in white lace bodice & black satin skirt)

Black halter sequined bodice & knee-length skirt (sophomore Winter Formal)

Winter Formal 1997

From head to toe: love my hair, but what was I thinking on the shoes? {MIA Mary Janes}

If you want to get into dress-ready shape, please check out my recommended workouts on Pretty Fit Way!

Here’s to your shape-up as you get dolled-up and dress up!

Beauty Tuesday: Fave Festive Frocks for Easter & Spring Fling

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Happy Easter Tuesday!!!

I hope that you all enjoyed your Holy Week leading up to the Resurrection, especially †JESUS CHRIST†‘s rising from the dead!

CHEERS to this time of year, when you can pull off these ☼sunshine☼-friendly lovable♥ looks:

  • bright colors, including pastels
  • fun prints, like animal spots and stripes
  • stand-out patterns, such as chevron stripes and florals
  • light layering pieces ~ silk scarves, shawls, shrugs and cardis come in handy!

This is what I wore to my family’s dinner on Easter Sunday, after I had an eggceptionally eggcellent day at work.

#OOTD #Easter #Sunday #Best #white#SpaghettiStrap #HighLow #silk #CharlotteRusse#dress w/ #pink #flower • #salmon #Pashmina #shawl •#gladiator #sandals • #magenta #flowers #bling#earrings • #Guess #vachetta #tote with #RoseGold#bow & #gold #heart #charms #HappyEaster 💒🐇🍳💍👗👡👜🎀

#PutYourBestFaceForward #Easter #Sunday #Best #LastSupper #EasterBunny #BunnyEars #EasterBunnies eat #carrots therefore this #bunny eats #CarrotCake in #cupcake #helix / #cartilage #earring & #magenta #flowers #bling #earrings + #salmon #Pashmina #shawl to #compliment #pink #ears #HappyEaster #JesusChrist the #LORD is #risen today #Peace 💒🐇🍳💍👗🎀🎂🍰

#ManiMonday after #Easter w/#glitter & #shimmer from #NicoleByOPI: w/#ModernFamily #ShesLilySomething #stars + #GumDrops #ThatsWhatIMint #AccentNails (#Thumbnail & #RingFinger) ~ #Nicole by #OPI #green & #pink to keep #ring in #Spring past #EasterWeek complete w/ #EasterBunny & #CarrotCake #cupcake b/c #bunnies eat #carrots #HappyEaster w/ #yellow & #turquoise #ZebraStripes #NailArt 💒🐇🍳💍👗👡👜🎀🎂🍰

Strolling down memory lane with the Bunny Hop through the past few Easters…

Easter 2009

Happy Easter from ASIA & Me (pre-ANNIE)

{yellow, lime green, turquoise, black and white scarf plus white sleeveless woven snap top by Express}

Easter 2010

Happy Easter from Sissy & Me!

{on me: floppy straw hat from the Philippines and spaghetti strap paisley dress from T.J. Maxx]

Easter 2012

Happy Easter from JUSTIN & Me!

{on me: Pashmina shawl from mi Suegra, magenta dress from my mom, Rockstar Flip Flops with Swarovski crystals}

With more special days that we anticipate to celebrate this season, I’d like to share other outfits that are worthy of wearing.

April 2013

Cross into the Orange

{Cross from México + orange camisole & tie-dye halter dress from Express}


Pastels & Purple

{Black & gold chain necklace from Target + purple v-neck cap-sleeved dress from Express + multi-colored Coach Poppy Pop C backpack featured on my debut Beauty Tuesday}

Mother's Day 2013

Almost dressed!

Mother's Day 2013

Posing with the Posies!


Dad & DISPO Sisters


Mom & DISPO Sisters

Mother's Day Fam

DISPO Family in the Yard!

{my accessories: Dallas Cowboys star earrings from Touch by Alyssa Milano & hibiscus necklace as Ph.D. cohort leader’s pasalubong from Hawaii + Fendi shades in purple; my outfit: my purple camisole from Express + pastel floral high-low dress, orange shrug & gold metallic cork sandals from Sofia by Sofia Vergara}

2 Great Minds Think Alike!


DISPO Sisters in Prabal Gurung

{on my sister & me: sleeveless First Date abstract print top w/black mesh overlay from Prabal Gurung for Target®; my red cami from Express, my grey & turquoise skort from Champion, my black sandals from BCBG}

3.1 Phillip Lim

DISPO Sisters in 3.1 Phillip Lim


DISPO Family in the House!

{on my sister & me, respectively: floral print blouse & dress shirt by Prabal Gurung by Target® featured in my Beauty Tuesday Doll-Up edition; my stiletto boots from Kenneth Cole featured in my 2 for Tuesday: Sweater Weather Tag}

Fitster Friday: Fitness Junkie Tag

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Thank GOD It’s GOoD Friday!

Consider it this way: JESUS CHRIST had to bear the heaviest cross, so any challenge that we rise to can never top that. Therefore, anyone can strive to greatness, both in spirits and in health. That’s why I think that it’s fitting to post this Fitness Junkie Tag today…

Power Shack

Flashback Friday: Beast Mode a Decade Ago!

Since some of the questions (in italics) are the same as other tags (i.e., Lifestyle & FitnessTMI), some of my answers (in bold) may be similar. I tag all of you who read this to share your fit-spirations!

20 Train-Happy Questions

  1. What is your age? the BiG 32 
  2. Care to share your height and weight? 59″ & 125# 
  3. How many times per week do you work out? 5-7d/wk, sometimes 2-a-days
  4. What are the main types of exercise that you do? cardio & strength
  5. What is your fitness style? casual & comfy
  6. What is your favorite body part to work out? legs
  7. What is your favorite body part to show off? my calves, which I used to be ashamed of for being buff, yet their definition is distinctive
  8. When did you first start working out? (non-sports related) when my dad & my Auntie Lou (his younger sister) took my sis & me to an aerobics class when I was a youngin, so I’ve led an active lifestyle ever since
  9. What is your current favorite power song? Motto by Drake’s been my theme song to pump me up for the past couple of years
  10. What is your current favorite wind down song? Fotografía by Juanes, makes me want to take sweaty selfies j/k
  11. Do you prefer to work out in a group or alone? either or, I like to mix it up 
  12. What (honestly) is your top reason for exercising? to feel like I’m in control
  13. Show us your favorite  exercise. up & give me 20+ … of Jumping Jacks ~ wherever, whenever, even when I’m waiting for food to cook!
  14. What is your favorite pre-workout snack? nuts, great source of protein, & the crunch helps stimulate the brain juices … Mind over matter, baby
  15. Who is your fitness inspiration? Sage, the dude pictured above, is a success story; he used to be out of shape then got into powerlifting & bodybuilding, including the Ronnie Coleman Classic
  16. Have you ever made money from fitness? yes, as a Fitness Consultant @ Power Shack Gym & Fitness (again, pictured above), as well as for contributing to Pretty Fit Way blog and Pretty Fit iOS app
  17. Are you a morning exerciser or an evening exerciser? preferably morning, for an energy boost to get me through the day; there’ve been times when I’d have @ least 2-a-days for both AM & PM
  18. What is your favorite brand for gear? adidas: All Day I Dream About Sports
  19. What fitness myth do you NOT believe? One single diet works for everyone — absolutely not true. I’ve never dieted and don’t believe in a single diet plan, but anyone who diets must expect to hold themselves accountable in order for it to be a success. 
  20. What is your fitness philosophy? No excuses. Period.

GOoD Friday

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♪†JESUS, remember me, when you come into your Kingdom…♫

That message stays with me as I reflect on Christ on the cross. On this Good Friday, I encourage you to read along with me the Passion of the Lord, according to John ~ from the Book of John, Chapters 18-19 (John 18:1-19:42) and open up your mind, heart and soul. If tears stream down your face, like I’ve experienced, it shows your overflowing cup of faith in Him, that you too yearn to be His humble servant, and to know Him is to love Him. ♥

Here are the Stations of the Cross that I provided for my family last year. I included pictures that I took at Our Lady of San Juan del Valle and Holy Spirit Catholic Church in McAllen, Texas, my first home in the Rio Grande Valley.

Way of the Cross

Happy Easter☼

Thirsty HOLY Thursday

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According to my parish priest, Father Bush, #PTL stands for:

  • Praise the LORD 
  • Pretty Tough Lady 
  • Please Talk Less 
  • Push through LENT 

The first and the fourth of these are just what we’ve practiced since Ash Wednesday. When we encounter a problem, we ought to revisit the Passion of CHRIST and realize that JESUS had the heaviest cross that anyone ever has had to bear. Let His experience speak to us, so we too can reach humility.

Here are my Easter greetings this year. My family and friends to whom I sent these cards also received a Palm Sunday cross that I hope that they will keep as a reminder to PTL.

Easter2014front Easter2014middle Easter2014salute

Now that we’ve reached these holiest of days until Easter Sunday, I’ve completed Rediscovering Catholicism, so here are my revelations and remaining realizations:

Holy Spirit Light Insights

While I have #loved & #lost, I’ll never #lose #GOD & His #love ~ so I shall always have #faith, #hope & love for Him. [my #main #insight through this #spiritual #journey — #loss doesn’t mean the #end of the #world because His #kingdom is to come]

This #HolyWeek, I’m #fasting from #complaining. While I do my best to be #positive, this is 1 way to stay that way, so I #challenge you to join me in this #fast! Imagine how much less #stress we’ll have if we look @ the #bright side & our #opportunities as long as we follow the #light of the #HolySpirit 🙂 ✌️☝️👏🙏😻😍😎🌞

  • The task is simple: make NO #complaints until #EasterSunday 🌞 If you go that long then your #reward is this: you’re closer to #GOD for #basking in His #blessings rather than #bashing them as #burdens ❤ 🏆☝️🙏
  • I’d like to think that I can #sustain & DON’T #complain past #Easter but we @ least can get through this during the week of the #Passion. #GODblessYou =D #MissYourFace ♡ ♡ ♡ #PraiseTheLORD #PushThroughLENT 👏✌️

Rediscovering Catholicism Conclusions

Chapter 16 on #Fasting reminds me that #happiness & #health come from #discipline + enlightens me of how #spirit must #reign over #body, meaning that to #fast, our #soul has a #feast w/ #GOD! 🙏👆

“#Reading is to the #mind what #exercise is to the #body and #prayer is to the #soul.” ~ from Chapter 17: #SpiritualReading 📖💡👣💃🙏💖

“A #mother has a #unique #perspective. Nobody sees the #life of a #child the way the child’s mother does — not even his #father.” ~ Chapter 18: The #Rosary • Although I greatly #admire my #dad yet seldom ever see eye-to-eye w/Nanay, I #resolve to #appreciate my #mom more. Both this #reading & my new #job have opened my #eyes to this piece of #wisdom! 👪🙏🌹

A few years ago, I expressed to Bishop Mike my interest in establishing a #CatholicSchool in #AbileneTX. Upon reading Chapter 19: #TimeForAChange, I feel more compelled that this may be #GOD’s #calling to me as an #educator… So if I #inspire anymore #advocates, we can #MakeItHappen in His time! 🙏💒🏤⏰🎓 & if anyone has doubt, anything is #possible if we #believe! ☝️✌️👏

As a #scholar pursuing my #PhD in #LeadershipStudies, Chapter 20 on #Leadership is consistent w/the #theories I did #study @ #OurLadyOfTheLakeUniversity: #genuine #AuthenticLeadership • #bold #bravery #courage #purpose #virtue • #ServantLeadership w/ #model #service #sacrifice to #inspire ~ so all of these indeed can be practiced @ #Church w/ our #vision to #MakeADifference! 🎓💒

This last Chapter 21, #Return to #Virtue points out that we don’t just eliminate #vices but so #live by these #moral #virtues to #lead a #good #life: #SupernaturalVirtues • #FAITH • #HOPE • #LOVE | #CardinalVirtues / #HumanVirtues • PRUDENCE • #JUSTICE • #TEMPERANCE • #FORTITUDE … So I #pledge to be more #humble & less #proud (my main tendency) ~ for #pride is the #ultimate #vice & my ultimate #goal is to be closer to #GOD!

Eggcellent Eggsercise for Workout Wednesday: 2014 for Your Core ~ Eggsactly What We Need Before Chocolate Easter Bunnies!

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Let’s hear it for Midweek Midsection!!!

That’s what I call Wednesday, but I prefer to train my core every time I work out. After all, our abs and lower back must be in shape to maintain balance for the whole body.

I know that these moves work because I have fab ~ as opposed to flab ~ flat abs  and a smaller waist when I do them consistently!


Wayback Wednesday: Flat Fab Abs

You’ll start out on your feet with standing exercises (1-4), then get down and lay your back on the mat (5-10), then wrap up by going on all fours and finishing in plank (11-14).

2014 for Your Core (20s or 20x for 14)

1. Knee Raises: lift knees up while leaning torso forward to curl abs; arm raises optional for more effect (20x)
2. Right Elbow to Knees: in wide stance and slight squat with hands behind your head, tip right elbow down to right knee (20x)
3. Left Elbow to Knees: in wide stance and slight squat with hands behind your head, tip left elbow down to left knee (20x)
4. Knee-to-Elbow Twist: with feet on the ground and hands behind your head, raise your knees to opposite elbows (20x)

5. Single Leg Lifts: with back on the mat and arms relaxed, lift one leg at a time to a 90* angle and lower with control (20x, alternating legs)
6. Double Leg Lifts: same as #5, lift both at the same time (20x)
7. Leg Circles: lift both legs slightly off the ground and make circles with each leg at the same time (20x); bonus set optional in opposite direction
8. Texas Tornado: lift both legs and keep them together while making figure 8s up (1 rep) and down (1 rep) (20x)
9. V-Ups/Star Abs: spread legs and arms, then raise all limbs at the same time to curl the abs
10. Bicycle/Criss-Cross Crunches (laying version of Knee-to-Elbow Twist): with feet on the ground and hands behind your head, raise your knees to opposite elbows (20x)

11. Mountain Climbers: on to plank while drawing our knees to opposite elbows in running motion (20x per leg, both sides = 1 rep)
12. Bird Dog: extend opposite arm and opposite leg (20s each pair)
13. Tip Hips: back to plank, tip each hip to the ground (20x per leg, both sides = 1 rep)
14. Full Plank: finish this series by placing your hands flat on the ground, as well as toes, keeping back straight and chest level (hold for 20s); get into Child’s Pose stretch while on your knees and arms extended on the floor to reward yourself

Here are my previous routines for this 2014 series:

Coming up next…

  • Upper-Bod
  • Lovely Legs

How about we go Beast Mode for our bodies and Feast Mode for our souls during this Holy Week? Can I hear an AMEN!