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Thank GOD It’s GOoD Friday!

Consider it this way: JESUS CHRIST had to bear the heaviest cross, so any challenge that we rise to can never top that. Therefore, anyone can strive to greatness, both in spirits and in health. That’s why I think that it’s fitting to post this Fitness Junkie Tag today…

Power Shack

Flashback Friday: Beast Mode a Decade Ago!

Since some of the questions (in italics) are the same as other tags (i.e., Lifestyle & FitnessTMI), some of my answers (in bold) may be similar. I tag all of you who read this to share your fit-spirations!

20 Train-Happy Questions

  1. What is your age? the BiG 32 
  2. Care to share your height and weight? 59″ & 125# 
  3. How many times per week do you work out? 5-7d/wk, sometimes 2-a-days
  4. What are the main types of exercise that you do? cardio & strength
  5. What is your fitness style? casual & comfy
  6. What is your favorite body part to work out? legs
  7. What is your favorite body part to show off? my calves, which I used to be ashamed of for being buff, yet their definition is distinctive
  8. When did you first start working out? (non-sports related) when my dad & my Auntie Lou (his younger sister) took my sis & me to an aerobics class when I was a youngin, so I’ve led an active lifestyle ever since
  9. What is your current favorite power song? Motto by Drake’s been my theme song to pump me up for the past couple of years
  10. What is your current favorite wind down song? Fotografía by Juanes, makes me want to take sweaty selfies j/k
  11. Do you prefer to work out in a group or alone? either or, I like to mix it up 
  12. What (honestly) is your top reason for exercising? to feel like I’m in control
  13. Show us your favorite  exercise. up & give me 20+ … of Jumping Jacks ~ wherever, whenever, even when I’m waiting for food to cook!
  14. What is your favorite pre-workout snack? nuts, great source of protein, & the crunch helps stimulate the brain juices … Mind over matter, baby
  15. Who is your fitness inspiration? Sage, the dude pictured above, is a success story; he used to be out of shape then got into powerlifting & bodybuilding, including the Ronnie Coleman Classic
  16. Have you ever made money from fitness? yes, as a Fitness Consultant @ Power Shack Gym & Fitness (again, pictured above), as well as for contributing to Pretty Fit Way blog and Pretty Fit iOS app
  17. Are you a morning exerciser or an evening exerciser? preferably morning, for an energy boost to get me through the day; there’ve been times when I’d have @ least 2-a-days for both AM & PM
  18. What is your favorite brand for gear? adidas: All Day I Dream About Sports
  19. What fitness myth do you NOT believe? One single diet works for everyone — absolutely not true. I’ve never dieted and don’t believe in a single diet plan, but anyone who diets must expect to hold themselves accountable in order for it to be a success. 
  20. What is your fitness philosophy? No excuses. Period.

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