Workout Wednesday: 2014 Upper Cut for Upper Bod

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Raise the Roof!

Spring Break has passed, so swimsuit season has been sizzling for a while, and if you want to bust out your bikinis, you must come out on top, from head to toe! This segment of my 2014 series will focus on your upper body: ABC for arms, back and chest!

Bentsen State Park

Wayback Wednesday: Climbing Trees in the RGV 5yrs ago w/well-defined bis!

2014 Upper Cut Upper Bod

Briefing: Stand up for the first arm series (1-3), go into reverse plank (hands and ankles on ground, front facing up] (4), go into full plank [hands and toes on ground, front facing down] to transition from tris to chest (5-6), go onto bench or back for more chest (7), stand back up to complete chest (8), return to full plank for back (9), then stand up again for the remaining for back then back to arms (9-14)! Of course, you can switch up the order per your liking, but I found this arrangement to be quite challenging yet still streamlined smoothly!

Recommended Resistance: light dumbbells or wrist weights for lifting moves

Other Equipment: bench* if available

  1. Upper Cuts: kick this bad boy off by curliing arms up tae-bo style while slightly lunging side to side (20x per arm, both sides = 1 rep) [biceps]
  2. Raise the Roof: pump up both arms at the same time, starting @ 90* angle w/elbow @ shoulder level (20x) [shoulders]
  3. Arm Twists: extend arms out at wingspan, rotating inward then outward (20x) [forearms & upperarms]
  4. Tricep Dips: on reverse plank, dip triceps then lift back to starting positon (20x) [triceps] *bench can come in handy
  5. Tricep Push-Ups: in full plank with hands flat on the ground narrower than shoulder level, as well as toes, keeping back straight, lower body to where chest almost touches the ground then push back up (20x) [tris] 
  6. Chest Push-Ups: in full plank with hands flat on the ground at shoulder level, as well as toes, keeping back straight, lower body to where chest almost touches the ground then push back up (20x) [chest] 
  7. Chest Flys/Gate Goal Posts: start with arms together at 90* angle directly in front of you, then pull apart to contract your chest (20x) [chest]
  8. Chest Press: go onto bench* or back with elbows hinged at chest level, lift resistance then lower (20x) [chest]
  9. Renegade Rows: go back into full plank, then pull arms in one at a time (20x per arm, both sides = 1 rep) ~ add push-ups to the mix if you wish (20x) [back]
  10. T-Bird Deadlift: stand back up with one foot on the ground while lowering resistance & raising the other leg behind you (20x ~ perhaps 10 on one leg, 10 on the other) [back]
  11. Lat Pulldowns: start with arms overhead, pulling down resistance with chest arched and back straight (20x) [back]
  12.  Shoulder Pinches: lean forward with legs hip width apart and arms hinged at hips, pulling resistance back (20x) [back & shoulders] 
  13. Tricep Extensions: lean forward with arms at side, pulling resistance back (20x) [tris]
  14. “W” Curls: stand straight in split stance or legs hip width apart, curl arms directly in front of you, then at 45* angle, then at 90* angle from the side (20x, 1 “W” with all three angles = 1 rep) [bis]

For these previous 2014 routines, please click on the following links:

Stay tuned next week for this last but not least set for your legs!

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