Thirsty Thursday: Unite in CHRIST

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Faith and fellowship.

These are two Fs that I live by.


We each have our own unique relationships with GOD, as long as we maintain them. But our interaction with Him transcends beyond keeping the communication between just us two. My priest has been pointing out in his homilies this month about the importance of being united in our faith together. His message has really resonated in me in my exposure to those with whom I worship, particularly today.

After my Adoration this morning, I had breakfast with my buddy from church to discuss my mission now that he’s partnering with me to plan it. Then I joined my friend, Evie, and her family, for the blessing of their land where they’ll build their new home. Evie took me to lunch afterward, and we engaged in great conversation about GOD’s calling in our lives. We agreed that He speaks to us in different signs, even when we’re not in prayer.

Surrounding ourselves with positive people who share similar values helps shape us in GOD’s image of someone who supports and seeks support from loved ones, like JESUS did as he carried his cross. Believing in Him and leading our lives for Him makes life worth living.

Have a blessed ***Memorial Day*** weekend!

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