Feline Friday: Asia’s Garden

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Happy Birthday to my PAPA PED!

Here are fun photos of my big girl Asia in the backyard and her lil’ sis Annie from three weeks ago before I took off on work assignment. I’ll miss my Double A-Team again when I go on work assignment next month.








4:44 ~ make a wish on my Good Luck Gatos!!!

    • Yes ^_^ She loves it!!!

      • :). Never seen one of those. But when again ours are indoor kitties.

      • Mine also are, but I decided to let the big 1 outside since she explicitly insisted. 😉 Now that she’s current on her feline leukemia vaccine among others, she has minimal risk while I supervise!

      • Ah :). One of ours only has three legs so for her own safety isn’t allowed outside. And our boy is totally scared by the things beyond the great big door lol

      • It’s best to keep ’em safe! Bless your 3-legged kitty’s & scaredy cat’s hearts ❤ My lil' 1 doesn't go outside b/c after found me in my front yd, she also seems apprehensive about unfamiliar territory =P

      • 🙂 Oliver once forgot where his kingdom stopped when I got home from work and stepped outside to headbutt me. Once he realised he dashed back in quicker than you could call his name :xD

      • Too funny! 🙂 Good thing Oliver knows where he belongs & stays @ his throne! I’m iffy about letting Lil’ Orphan Annie outside b/c I doubt that she’d return home & run off =P

      • Lol. That’s what we worry about with ms Nubia. She always tries to charge out. Luckily not too fast so we can catch her quickly 😀

      • Glad to hear, so Ms. Nubia can stick around! (: By the way, when I lived in the Bay Area, I actually met cat parents who’d walk their felines on a leash! I haven’t tried it, but knowing my fur babies, that’d set them on edge {imagine claws & paws ready to strike}

      • The first cat we had we had to take out on a leash. Vet told us to take her out as she was craving for grass! (I know xD ) she got so used to it that she stood still when she saw her harness 🙂

      • Wow, I ought to follow your example ^_^ Sounds like y’all trained your 1st feline well! Looks like a fun way to bond w/Kitty =D

      • It certainly is. Just ignore the look of some people xD. Older lady came to pet out cute puppy before getting highly confused LOL

      • I’ll do my best not to worry about what others think about our unorthodox outings w/our cats lol! @ least y’all got good reception from the lady who greeted your canine… I mean feline 😉

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