Foodie Friday: Road Food

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♪And I drive 1,000 miles♫

That’s exactly what I did when last weekend, and I usually grab an apple when I’m on-the-go. Thanks to my family, the food that they did provide helped tide me over during the two 500+mile rides! What would I do without their generosity?

Look who's welcoming home ...

Look who’s welcoming home …

When I left the Valley a week ago, mi Cuñada stocked up on snacks to last me a week’s worth of survival in the wilderness! Starbucks was where it was at!

... It's Annie!

… It’s Annie!

My GODmother hooked us up with pasalubong, so the mocha cake came in handy!

Ninang Auring‘s such a giver!

Then when I took off back to el Valle, my dad made a pot of Papa Jun Joe, and my sister hooked me up with horchata and breakfast tacos from La Popular!

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