Workout Wednesday: Move with the Groove

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♪Groove is in the ♥heart♥♫

Wayback Wednesday: The dress I wore to Salsa Night fit me much better a decade ago!

Dancing is the ultimate cardio workout! Almost a couple of weeks ago, this hottie in my hometown took me to Salsa Night. Then this past weekend, I practiced más salsa y merengue plus cumbia and bachata when mis amigos threw me a comida for my homecoming en el Valle (I’m just not the best follower)…

Rewards Reaped from Dancing

  • building your cardiovascular endurance
  • enhancing your coordination and rhythm
  • can be performed solo or with partners
  • guaranteed fun with your music of choice

Whether you’re into Latin dances like the ones that I mentioned or others that I’m into (i.e., line dancing, two-stepping, hip hop), or have your own kinds of moves up your sleeve, you can dance the day or night away while melting the calories away ~ now that heat can’t be beat!

Island Fun

Wayback Wednesday: Time to dip with my Karaoke partner! I like to twirl too!

♪Rhythm is gonna get YOU♫

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