Workout Wednesday: B2S Beast Mode

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Back-to-School * Beasts Are Cool * Trainers Rule!

So what to do after I’ve gone YOLO these past three weeks to celebrate my birthday?

Emerson to the Rescue!

Check out my distant cousins’ training tips that I’ll start TODAY!!!

today workout on legs and core

so warm up ten mins on treadmill to get the blood flowing

then stretch for 15 mins so u can be injury free

do side crunches 4 sets of 15 on each side then leg raises 4 sets of 15 rest a min after each set

then bicycle kicks hands on the side 3 sets of 12 now your legs

a core is warm up now for the real work out

1.squats and lungs(super set) it called 5 5 5… 5squats then 5 lunges then 5squats do 3sets

2.stiff leg dead lifts 15 reps 3 sets

3. Hamstring rows(put the bar between your legs spread make sure legs are 90 degree from each other and go down till the bar hit the floor then go up 4 sets 25 reps 1 min rest

4. Side step lungs with straight bar 3 sets(5 steps to the right then 5 steps to the left) have the bar on your shoulders have knees bent at a 45 degree angle and walk sideways

5. Leg press 4 sets of 20reps then your done

(note people think u have to hit every machine in one day that a lie…it contraction and blood flowing threw your muscles that make it grow 70% diet and 30% gym make u tone) do legs and glutes twice a week you

do contraction and breathing well u will see results in 2 months

Go Beast Mode to get out of this plateau!!!

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