Workout Wednesday ~ Feline & Fitness Edition: G is for …

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🌺Gardening & Green Thumb! 👍

Whoever said that gardening is a workout in itself is

💡Genius! 👊

Picking 🌿plants🌾 and harvesting 🌽crops🍅 take immense energy. 🛁Watering🚿 🌴trees🌲 and 🌳bushes🍃 also provides resistance. For instance,

✨ Lifting a pail focuses on the arms. 💪

DSC05127 DSC05132 DSC05131 DSC05128

🌟 🌵Trunk🎍 twists focus on the core.


💫 😸Cat chasing gives both you and your fine furry friend cardio! 😻





And my eldest aunt, who’s a Medical Doctor, swears by it too. In her 70s and still practicing medicine as a pediatrician, she stays healthy by ballroom dancing with my uncle and gardening!


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