Thirsty Thursday: Long Live the LORD

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♪GOD’s not dead♫


♪He’s surely alive♫


Words of Wisdom

But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven. ~ Matthew 10:33

Therefore, truth be told.

Today, I had a Holy Spirit-filled day: I started with my Thursday Adoration hour at the †Chapel† as usual, and tonight, I wrapped it up by photographing our Confirmation at †Church†! In between, I had Movie Day with my Church Bestie and Spiritual Warrior, Evie, who showed me GOD’s Not Dead!


GOD’S Alive in ALL of Us!!!

Whether or not you’re a believer, I strongly encourage everybody to watch it! One point that is engrained in my brain is this:

People tend to turn to GOD when times in their life are tough. When their lives seem perfect, the devil tells them that they don’t need GOD and takes them away from Him.

Another message that resonates is my mind is:

How can you hate GOD if you don’t believe in Him?

Without giving too much away aside from the above takeaways, here are my added bonuses that got me interested right away:

  • Newsboys soundtrack (I jammed out to the same-titled track way before I saw the film)
  • Dean Cain ~ he is on my list!
  • Duck Dynasty cameo
  • University storyline ~ appeals to yours truly, as I teach at the College level
  • Aforementioned storyline involves Public Speaking ~ I can relate since I teach Speech
  • Aforementioned storyline takes place in Philosophy class ~ I’m earning my degree in Philosophy!

FYI: As an educator, I’ll NEVER ask or tell my students to compromise their beliefs, whether they’re different from my own.

22:22 ~ make a prayer!!!

R.I.P. ✌ Rodrigo Palma

  1. Adoration is a beautiful thing isn’t it? I feel so much at peace when I have the opportunity to go. I wanted to say I appreciate the ministry you are doing and to keep up the good work!

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