Feline Friday Foodie Edition: GF is for …

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Grain Free!!!

If we tend to follow the latest food trends for the sake of our health, how about we look out for our own families?

… Even our fine, furry friends.


GF Cat Food

Grain Free for mis Gatos

Since Big Asia has been known to up-chuck certain grain-filled treats, I’ve found that she doesn’t puke these foods! Now I can give her and Lil’ Annie the same snacks again!

On that same token, I’ve done the same in feeding my R.E. students, since one of them can’t eat wheat products. Yes, goodies can be

Gluten Free!!!

Sweet Life Cupcakes

Sweet Life Cupcakes

Sweet Life can be a healthy life!

Our children and animals deserve the best wealth of health, so consuming GF goods indeed offer a nutritious and nutritious option!

Blow out a birthday cupcake candle … 4:44 ~ make a wish!!!

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