Workout Wednesday: Clean 2B Lean in 2015

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Out with the old, in with the new …


Chococat Pillow & Basket + Hello Kitty Basket by Sanrio for Forever 21; Pillows & Case @ far right by Roxy (TM)

How about knocking a couple of those New Year’s Resolutions with one stone? More specifically: * Better Bod * Declutter

Chores = Scores

On your bod, that is!

Rather than dreading doing duties around your house, relish in the resistance that can maximize and maintain your muscle mass!

Here are moves that will keep you in the groove (although these may not be the most glamorous ~ they’ll keep you fit and fabulous) …

Equipment needed: laundry basket or waste baskets * broom stick * mop

  • Hamper or Trash Trunk Twist (Core): While taking out your laundry or garbage and holding heavy hamper or can, turn your obliques from side to side until you reach your destination (i.e., laundry room, dumpster)
  • Underhand Hamper or Garbage Grips (Bis): Lift full hamper or multiple-gallon trash can directly in front of you and curl upward to work biceps; I recommend 10-12
  • Overhead Hamper or Garbage Grips (Tris): Lift empty small trash cans over head and extend back to work triceps; I recommend 15-20
  • Mop Press (Chest): Lay down and push mop upward above chest; I recommend 25-30
  • Broom Row (Back): Sit up while holding broom directly in front of you and pull backward to work your back; I recommend 25-30
  • Sweep Squats (Legs): Drape broom across your shoulders and lower your legs; I recommend 25-30
  • Victory Skip ~ DON’T trip (♥Cardio♥): After you complete your chores, celebrate your scores with ♥cardio♥ by skipping, jogging or running around your clean home!

*~* Happy NYE 2015 *~*

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