Workout Wednesday: Mickey D’s DVDs

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My New Year’s Resolution to declutter has worked wonders! Who would’ve thought that through clearing the clutter, that I’d come across these unopened discs from a decade ago that I could use?


When I worked at my local gym, I ate healthy most of the time (YOLOs were splurge days back then), even when it came to fast food. McDonald’s offered healthy Happy Meals complete with workout DVDs, so I managed to collect all 4.

From Friday, January 2nd, through Monday, January 4th, I did the YourselfFitness (TM) sequence, as follows:

Flexible Friday: (1) Yoga
Slim-Down Saturday: (2) 💗Cardio💓
Fun Day 🌅Sunday: (3) Core
🔫 Gun Show Monday: (4) Strength💪


These remind me of modern-day apps and videos that show your progress on the screen, but what I like about these was that technology was right on point with the many options to select, so the routine wasn’t always the same every time you popped in the DVD.

    1. First, you could pick which language to follow.


    1. Then you could choose your challenge level.


  1. You also could opt for what you want to get out of it.

Optional equipment: step-bench for cardio


* stability ball for core


* hand weights for strength

For your exercise pleasure of contemporary videos you can access, please also check out my Top 5 Workout Videos!

As my GODson would sing when he was a baby:

♪Ba-pa-ba-pa-ba♪ … ♫I’m lovin’ it♫

Well, how about WOVin’ it, as in Workout Video-in’ it?

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