Workout Wednesday: Go Lean in 2015 Routine

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To 🔔ring🎊 in 🎆2015🎇 with a 💥bang🔫 and a 👊pow🌟 do 20 reps or secs of these 15 moves:

👣 Let’s Go… 👟

1. Jumping Jacks* to pump up your heart💓
2. Burpees/Leap Frog🐸: squat, leap up and drop down to plank, then push up to starting position
3. Mountain🗻 Climbers: from plank, twist each knee up to alternating sides
4. 🏉Football🏈 Fun Run🏁 (in spirit of the NFL playoffs: back up on your feet and sprint in place then to each side for 20 seconds
5. Dance💃: freestyle to whatever jams🎧 you have going
💪Tone Up🎶 (20 repetitions)
6. Sit-ups: roll over on your back and give me 20 more for your core (your choices of v-ups with arms and legs stretched out then together, crunches with your feet flat and your arms crossed over your chest or behind your head, or bicycle abs with your elbows alternating to your knees)
7. Push-ups: drop down and give me 20 (you can mix it up with wide or narrow arms, to work your chest and tris, respectively)
8. Renegade Row: from plank, use light resistance (i.e., dumb bells, wrist weights, water bottles) to row up (for your back)
9. Curls: while lunging (for your legs), use same light resistance to curl up (for your arms)
10. Clean & Press: while squatting, use heavier resistance (i.e., bar, basket, book) to press up (for your shoulders)
️Cool Down⛄️ (seated💺 exercises)
11. Neck Rolls: roll your neck around clockwise 10x and counter-clockwise 10x
12. Shoulder Rolls: roll your shoulders forward 10x and backward 10x
13. Butterfly: while sitting, bring the soles of your feet together with your hands🙌 clasped around them (to stretch your arms and legs) and breathe deeply for 20 secs
14. 🐱Cat🐈 🐄Cow: on hands and knees, arch back facing downward, then flatten back while raising your face 20x
15. Child’s Pose: on knees, extend arms overhead and relax for 20 secs ~ you’re done! For now… 😉

A mantra phrase during the JJs may help keep you at bay and the momentum going!

You Got This ~ & I Got This ‘n the ‘lene! #DISPObustAFlow 🎤

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