Thirsty Thursday: Alter CHRISTus

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Alter Christus: “to be another †CHRIST†

This is what my good friend, the Bishop, accredited to his five decades of priesthood, at his 50th Anniversary celebration*


“We all have a †cross† to bear.” ~ Dr. Díaz … My Airman cousin’s Rosary to guide in travel

Although not all of us our clergy or are in the religious life, we laypeople also can practice this philosophy, through ♥loving♥ and serving the †LORD† ♥whole-heartedly♥,  along with His people, leading by ☼faith☼ and listening to His will.

Therefore, the way we treat people is extremely important in how we can reach Heaven. If we’re humble to others rather than condemning/condescending/critical/judgmental, then we’re more likely to have a special spot reserved for eternal paradise. Plus, believing in miracles ~ which we went over in last night’s R.E. class ~ brings us closer to ☼The Truth☼.

With †GOD†, anything is possible.


  • * Jimmy Patterson, Editor. “Diocese celebrates 50-year anniversaries.” West Texas Angelus, Vol. 35, No. 1: January 2015 (2015).

R.I.P., Deacon Paul Klein, Sweet Pea, & my R.E. student Elise’s grandmother + other family friends who’ve recently passed on

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