Workout Wednesday: Wayback WOV ~ VHS

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Welcome to Workout Wednesday, Wayback Wednesday edition!

As I did ring in 2015, I exercised to throwback DVDs from McD’s, of all eateries!

Then I also retreated back to basics ~ which I encourage all of you to do (especially if you’re stuck in a rut):

What worked for YOU when you were in the best shape of your life?

For yours truly, these old school WOVs worked for me to give me excessive energy first thing in the morning … and were the best surefire way to get me through the day:


Jennie Garth (Beverly Hills 90210) was my main workout squeeze back in the early-’90s ~ got me through conditioning & off-season training ~ while Billy Blanks got this DISPO with Tae Bo ♥cardio♥ to keep the flow of staying slim & trim @ the turn of the 21st century!

I’m WOVin’ it to stay fit even when my time’s only a bit ~ in the midst of chores and more, there’s no excuse not to score!


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