Thirsty Thursday: Pray Hard

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Play as hard as you work.

My techie buddy has advised me to do something to this effect, to which I said, “not until I become doctor.”

Dr. Dispo

Throwback Thursday: Pie Chart to track my PhD progress & Doctorate pen to sign when I pass my dissertation defense to become Doctor

Since I’d prefer to stay close to †GOD† and pave my way to Heaven, I’ll switch it up a bit …

Pray as hard as you work!

Now that, I can do. Lately, I’ve noticed myself feeling more inclined to stick with working on my studies than leading a social life (I’d leave parties early, cancel outings, etc.) ~ the one interruption from my dissertation would be a welcome one:

to pray, or ♪♫sing♪♫ a ♫♪hymn♫♪ or a ♫♪Psalm♪♫, which pretty much still will be to pray anyway.

Dr. Díaz pointed out that his own research was something that he happily woke up to and fell asleep dreaming about. My AF pilot friend suggested that my Catholic school goal could almost be an obsession, or at least a positive pursuit that consumes my soul ~ my Ph.D. has been my life and the major step toward that ambition, yet it has been a most prayerful part.

Rather than praying for my own wants or needs, I keep seeking GOD‘s will†


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