Movie Monday: 20 Clueless Years

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🎬Happy 2 Decades of Clueless!🎥

Clueless Whatever

Couldn’t pass up this $5 Target🎯 DVD💽 or this opp to make my “Mental Health Day” (dubbed by my bestie Evie) yesterday a Movie Day!

This not only was my favorite flick as I entered my freshman year of high school 20 years ago, but I also read the book📖 and jammed out to the 🎧soundtrack!

Argyle by design

Clueless‘ Cher and I like to be decked out in diamonds💍! Argyle = Smile 😍😻

I actually also admired Alicia Silverstone for these 3 Cs in the early-/mid-’90s:

  • Crazy ~ as she co-starred with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler’s daughter, Liv Tyler, on this Aerosmith🎸 music video (as well as Living on the Edge with Eddie Furlong) 🎤
  • Crush ~ in which she portrayed a disturbed teenager obsessed with her parents’ guest house tenant 🏠
  • Clueless ~ well, duh! 👌

Not only could I relate to her character and her friends’ fashion-forward💃 wardrobes👠 (on a much less grand scale than 👜Beverly Hills, and I actually planned mine a month in advance rather than picking out my OOTD that morning even back then ~ yet I now have a touch-screen computer if I wanted to use that to view photos of my options ~ and I admit that I once had a shallow, self-absorbed streak during my youth), I also could connect with Cher on another level, lately.

Let’s just say that I may have my own version of “Christian” to this day (yet I won’t be a 👧beard🎅 ~ as if)!  As for other “Baldwins”:

  • I also had a celeb crush😘 on Donald Faison since his supporting role on Waiting to Exhale ~ of which I also have the book📕 ~ until he starred on my fave 2000s sitcom📺 Scrubs😷 
  • I’ve cracked up to movie star🌠 Paul Rudd ~ who also appeared on the last episodes of my fave show of all time, Friends ~ for decades!

Also, a decade ago, my 👣gym👟 bestie and I hit up Pismo👙 (as in the 🌴Pismo Beach🏄 Relief: Cher’s cause ~ another inspiration to donate food, clothing, athletic equipment, etc.) ~ and I actually appreciate good teacher-student connections, as I’ve taken on both roles myself!

R.I.P., Brittany Murphy (1977-2009) ~ who I watched >20 years ago on Almost Home🏡, the spin-off of 👪The Torkelsons!

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