Thirsty Thursday: Dynamic Catholicism

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My 🍳Easter🐇 season read …


The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic💒

  1. Prayer🙏
  2. Study📚
  3. Generosity🙌
  4. Evangelization😇


From the same author of Rediscovering Catholicism📖 that I read last year during Lent, Matthew Kelly conducted a 🔭study🔬, and according to his 📊results📈, only 7% master ALL of the Above. I’d like to become part of that 📉statistic✅, and as someone who demonstrates the top three, I also pursue to practice the fourth by bringing more people to the faith and increasing that percentage.

Key points that I’ve found here so far that confirms my own actions include:

  • Intentionality ~ so I’m delighted that I’ve been on point with preventing distractions by disconnecting from my devices and social media to keep up with my prayers, priorities and practices!
  • Spiritual Health ~ in which Kelly includes a road behavior barometer as an indicator that makes sense of how our mood reflects our joy or discontent

☝️GOD bless you all!✌️


  • Kelly, M. (2012). The four signs of a Dynamic Catholic: How engaging 1% of Catholics could change the world. Cincinnati, OH: Beacon.

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