Workout Wednesday: Ab-ulous Midweek Midsection

In ♥ & Soul, Community, Home Sweet Home, Relationships, Travel, Weekly Wonders, Workout Wednesday, Yours Truly on 04/29/2015 at 10:00

Hab-py Belated Birthday (yesterday) to Jessica Alba ~ my Ab Role Model!

AbulousAbtasticAbtacular ATTACK!

Time to:

Strawberry Cupcake

Strawberries are now in season! Top that!

  • Blast that Belly Bulge!
  • Combat that Cupcake Muffin Top!
  • Lose those ♥Love♥ Handles!

My fave moves for ALL of the above ^_^

  • Leg Raises ~ I prefer the equipment at the gym with the back and arm pads, but we still can do them at home on the mat
  • ♥Cardio♥ to engage our core~ as my buff bud (pictured here a year ago) told me about his mom marathon runner:
  • The secret to a six-pack is to run long and hard

It’s important to work your core everyday, not just for the sake of flat abs, but also for balance and stability!

Rule of Thumb: Abs are made in the kitchen ~ so despite building the muscle, we always must be aware of what we eat!

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