Thirsty Thursday: Religious Study

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Devout Catholics pray.🙏

 So do Dynamic Catholics, who also engage in the other three signs that include:

  • Study

According to Matthew Kelly (2012), reading👓 Catholic books📚 regularly draws us closer to our 🌞faith.

All it takes is just five pages📖 per day …

You’ll be amazed at how much you learn about our religion and answer such questions as:

  • Why do we practice certain rituals in Catholicism?
St. Pope JP2

One Catholic💒 worth studying is 😇 Saint Pope John Paul II (who passed away exactly a decade ago as of this month and has his 95th birthday next month) ~ who my parents visited in 🇮🇹Italy⛲️ during my dad’s USAF✈️ tour of Europe (where I was born in 🇩🇪Germany)!

As we reach our final moments on 🌍Earth🌏, we still won’t know EVERYTHING, but we can die⛪️ trying to absorb as much information as we can to bring us closer to His☝️ 👼Kingdom!

Saint Pope JP2

My St. Pope JP2 †cross† from 🌺Brownsville🌴 & the 🌹Rosary🌷 that he blessed⛲️ in Italy🇮🇹 from my CHRIST Bro Joe for my 🎈birthday🎁


Belated Earth Day

My little kiddos👼 learn and teach a great deal in 💒R.E.



  • Kelly, M. (2012). The four signs of a Dynamic Catholic: How engaging 1% of Catholics could change the world. Cincinnati, OH: Beacon.

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