Study Saturday: Student Survival Tips

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For the college-bound, I’ve included my sure-fire ways of succeeding in higher ed ~ which have worked for myself as a student and also for my own college students. If you’re already a student, here’s my literature that I’ve shared with my own summer speech class:

Summer 2014

Somewhat Throwback: ☼Summer☼ 2014 *Superstar Students* #SummerTimeSappiness

Summer 2014

Somewhat Throwback: ☼Summer☼ 2014 Speech Seniors/Class of 2015 at our End-of-The-Year Field Trip to the Zoo #SummerTimeSappiness

ALL of the above apply to the courses that I teach, yet they also can benefit college students as they exercise their literacy and verbal skills in speeches that they present and papers that they write in their college and professional careers.

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