Fitness & Feline Friday: Sun Core

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☼Sun☼ Rise, Slim Set!

This ☼sunny☼, sweaty ☼summer☼ series continues with our midsection …


Hello Kitty belly button bling ring

… because we want to rock out our abs on the beach …


½ my ♥

… or poolside!


The other ½ ☺

Core Combination

  • Standing Knee Raises (lower abs): standing hip-width apart, draw knees up one at a time while bringing bent arms down toward chest ~ 3×20 for each leg
  • Plank Side Bends (obliques): leaning on one elbow at a time with feet stacked, bend and press your hips ~ 3×20 for each side
  • Side Plank Turns (obliques): leaning on one palm at a time with feet stacked, twist to side plank one side at a time for 10 seconds each ~ 3×5 for each side
  • Reverse Plank Dips (core & tris): with palms of hands & heels on the mat/flat surface, pop pelvis upward while bending arms ~ 3×20
  • Double Leg Raises (lower abs & back): while laying down, lift both legs up slowly and with control ~ 3×20 alternating sets with legs together and apart

Next up, we’ll hit our lower bod!

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