Thirsty Thursday: Contentment & Peace

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Grad & Stats Cats

Grad Cat & Stats Cat bid me farewell from our *Dallas Cowboys* desk chair as I snap this shot to grace me with their purrfect presence on my dashboard as I drive!

As I prepared for my school trip this past week

Driver's Prayer

Driver’s Prayer: Dear LORD, Protect me today in all my travels along the road’s way. Give Your warning signs if danger is near so that I may stop until the path is clear. Be at my window and direct me through when objects appear from out of the blue. Defend this vehicle and everyone inside, keep me always focused, be my watchful guide. Carry me safely to my destined place and bless this journey with Your constant grace. Amen. ~ Stephanie Wilcox [from Maryknoll Missions]

 I lifted up these petitions to the Holy Trinity at the ♥Adoration♥ Chapel:

Even if/when I … †LORD†, please guide me away from having _______ in my ♥heart♥ to take over me
Finish my doctoral degree Pride
Reap success in my career☼ Greed
Find the ♥love♥ of my life Lust
Make time to relax Sloth
See several YOLOs to consume♣ Gluttony
Am challenged with accepting Your will Anger
Observe someone else having my desires Envy


Especially, as Bishop Mike, my mentor, has advised

To seek the light of the ~*~Holy Spirit~*~ while remaining grounded ✌

That way, I, as a grateful and humble servant, DON’T take GOD’s blessings for granted.

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