Thirsty Thursday: I LOVE GOD more than… 

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Peace • Happiness • Love

Dream • Hope • Peace: We wouldn’t have any of our worldly pleasures without GOD having created them! 🏽💝😍🙏🏽☝🏽🌍🌎🌏🌺🐝✌

There’s this Beyoncé💃🏽 🎼song🎵 that I first heard👂🏽 earlier this week (although I’ve had it on my 🎧iTunes📻 for awhile) when I had my 💿playlist📀 on shuffle. I thought that it was lame because she kept singing🎤 about how she loved her husband more than 🎹music🎶 …

Maybe it’s because I’m not 💍👰🏻married?

Yet since GOD is my #1, I’m applying her sentiment to how I place Him above all aspects of my life:

Furthermore, I watched a Eucharistic Adoration💖 segment on EWTN📺 the other day. One girl with whom I really related mentioned that without spending time with the ♥Blessed Sacrament🙏🏽 and receiving her 💒Daily Bread, she’d have nothing in life.

☝🏽GOD guides us toward our blessings indeed!

When I had brunch with my devout Catholic friend after this morning’s Holy ⏰Hour, she pointed out my sentiments exactly:

GOD is the center of our life! ✨

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