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Beauty Tuesday: 2 for Tuesday ~ Pretty Kitty

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Not only must I keep up with myself, I have to make sure that I take care of my little ones at home!

Aside from regular medical maintenance

I also keep up with A&A‘s grooming

  • bathing / showering
  • brushing and wiping

IMG_9093Since I taught in South Texas away from my Double A-Team last ☼summer☼, I returned to three hairballs from Sweet Annie 

IMG_9075 IMG_9078 IMG_9079

And I finally was able to remove her last one last month!

IMG_9077 IMG_9076

The key to my Pretty Kitties‘ beauty is


to make this a fun, rewarding and purrfect experience for them

IMG_9082 IMG_9083 IMG_9084 IMG_9085IMG_9086 IMG_9087IMG_9103… even if they’re led into a wild mouse chase (almost literally)!

IMG_9347IMG_9349IMG_9343IMG_9344IMG_9345 IMG_9351IMG_9353IMG_9354

Now that they’ve burned calories to consume calories: time for catnip!

El Tigre

This Ocelot has green eyes like Sweet Annie! I purchased this painting from my former student/massage therapist‘s studio en el Valle!

2 for Tuesday: 2-step Tex Mex Chili

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Who’s in the mood for good study food?

🙋🏻I sure am! 💭

My mom always comes through for me:

  • After I returned from my 🎾research🔬 🚘trip, she and my Bestie‘s mother both welcomed me 🏡home🏠 with chili: Mami Aya‘s colorful vegetarian 🍆variety🌽 & Mama Maggie‘s award-winning 🍖meaty🍣 version!
  • Today, Nanay cooked this southwestern🍛 recipe, chock full of veggies and meat (her lean ground white turkey)

Study Chili

Mami Aya’s Tex Mex Chili🍲 pairs perfectly with Trader Joe‘s Veggie Flaxseed Tortilla Chips! Jalapeño adds that extra kick! #pica 

Excellent timing for this hearty, savory dish🍲 while I crank out 💡study📈 on this ⚡️rainy☔️ day!

2 for Tuesday Beauty: Go, BiG BLUE!

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YES, more of my Cheer Gear is here!

Celebrating the Duke Blue DevilsNCAA ~ No. 5 for Coach K!

Great timing before I take my first research tour today, now that I can survey student-athletes in face-to-face for my PhD!

Oh, YES, I represent: right down to my earrings! That’s why my gym buds call me Bling!


I’m also portraying pride for the school where I teach!

Wrangler Up! This reminds me of when we had Mustang Day in April when I taught for TSTC.


2 for Tuesday: Claudie Royals’ 70th Birthday

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Join us for the late and great Claudie Royals Banquet to celebrate his 70th birthday this Sunday, February 15, 2015! More info by Dispo here, as for him we cheer!

Claudie Royals 2015

From the Abilene Reporter-News: advance on Claudie Royals 2015 Banquet

My good friends, Matthias (youngest) and Michael T. (oldest), along with their siblings, hold this event for the City of Abilene every year since their father passed on. Their family even invited former NFL RB Dominic Rhodes ~ who helped lead the Indianapolis Colts to the Super Bowl XLI championship ~ to make an appearance and speak!

Beauty 2 for Tuesday: Fave Fancy Formal Wear for Prom & Wedding Season

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It’s a fancy feast of frills & thrills up in here!

With Proms coming up and many weddings around the corner, I want to show you  how my style has evolved over time through these throwbacks and more recent ensembles from major events.

As you can see, I prefer maxi dresses because I thought that long skirts would conceal my lack of height, but I can lean toward revealing my legs more!

Even though most of these were worn only once, there’ve been a couple that made their way in the rotation twice…

Red, White & Blue sequined Mestiza gown (Filipiniana Gala) ~ frontal view in my Dispo Bio


My Philippine national flag number & my Celtic Cross w/Crown of Thorns (Philippians 4:13) + my DSLR make their debut @ the Ms. PIDC-RGV Pageant ~ caught in action as I catch the action on camera!

Turquoise one-shoulder (sister Joanne’s wedding)

Dispo-Cooley Wedding

My sis wanted all of us bridesmaids to look the same, but I as MOH took it upon myself to add a shawl (to cover my back tat — I thought it was appropriate for the Catholic Church ceremony) & ruching to the skirt of my dress! I wanted the Belle-of-the-Ball from Beauty & the Beast look, so check out my “princess hair”!

Midnight Blue sleeveless satin dress w/ruffled skirt (student Limeya‘s wedding and this year’s Valentine’s Sweetheart Ball) ~ as seen in my Attitude w/Gratitude

Escabarte Wedding

I exposed my back tat this time w/straps + my hair teased & pinned up @ the outdoors wedding & reception + to adopt my golden lab Cami!


The 2nd time around, I wore my hair mostly down & this silver shawl to compliment the bling on the empire waist of this evening gown!


Like the dark blue clutch w/silver chain & sparkly stilettos to match the shimmery shine?


Since this is a long dress, I try to bare my running man tattoo on the dance floor! Maybe my next ink should be the dancing queen!

Deep Purple sleeveless chiffon A-line dress (cousin Donnabelle‘s wedding and Royals Banquet)


Getting ready @ the hotel


Nanay & Me


Nanay, Uncle Terry & Me


Lola Enrica, Uncle Terry & Me


Flying solo!


I added this purple shawl from México to warm me up @ the Banquet! My black & metallic silver signature Coach Poppy glam tote came in handy to carry my DSLR so I could photo @ the event!

Magenta one-shoulder taffeta maxi dress (cousin Melissa‘s wedding)

Dollete-Dallape Wedding

Another round of ruching to give more of a textured effect!

Tangerine & Sage cap-sleeved tafetta bridesmaid dress (cousin Vee‘s wedding)

Razon-Luna Wedding

Dress Fitting

Razon-Luna Wedding

Dad & Me

Razon-Luna Wedding

Parents & Me

Razon-Luna Wedding

Nanay & Me

Razon-Luna Wedding

Filipiniana w/Auntie Fe & Nanay

Razon-Luna Wedding

Cuz Ignaz Philip

Razon-Luna Wedding

Kuya Ryan “Psycho-Patrick”

Razon-Luna Wedding

Pope John Paul II

Razon-Luna Wedding

Entourage (I’m in the back row)

Razon-Luna Wedding

Entourage (I’m in the front row)

Razon-Luna Wedding

Bride’s Side: 4 generations (my LOLA ROSA front & center)

Razon-Luna Wedding

Wedding Reception Festivities

Razon-Luna Wedding

Bridal Party

Razon-Luna Wedding

I won the Bachelorette Game!

Razon-Luna Wedding

Now I score the garter!

Gold one-shoulder cocktail dress (last year’s Valentine’s Sweetheart Ball)

Sweetheart Ball 2013

Parents & Yours Truly

Sweetheart Ball 2013

Yours Truly & the Pinays

Sweetheart Ball 2013

Just my luck: I always seem to win something!

Lime Green sequined halter w/tulle skirt  (Prom)

Prom 1999

Sissy helps me prep for Prom!

Silver spaghetti strap slit maxi w/silver platforms (senior Winter Formal)

Winter Formal 1999

Sissy & Me (her in white lace bodice & black satin skirt)

Black halter sequined bodice & knee-length skirt (sophomore Winter Formal)

Winter Formal 1997

From head to toe: love my hair, but what was I thinking on the shoes? {MIA Mary Janes}

If you want to get into dress-ready shape, please check out my recommended workouts on Pretty Fit Way!

Here’s to your shape-up as you get dolled-up and dress up!

2 for Tuesday for Gratitude: Eternally Camera Snap-Happy! Photo Hoarders Anonymous…

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Cheers to my new photography gig!

Since I’ve always enjoyed being behind or in front of the camera (or both at the same time ~ hence selfies), I’m excited about doing it professionally now. My camera-happiness surely has paid off…

I also appreciate my latest blessings, including my upcoming reading at church this weekend, making massive progress on my dissertation writing this past week and my latest publication: Jenna Bush to Deliver Healthy Woman Keynote Address from Abilene Reporter-News 

  • Flashback Friday to remember my Dearest Darling Lola Rosa on her 6th Anniversary

Today’s my #Lola #Rosa‘s 6th #anniversary, so here’s #FlashbackFriday: 4#generations ~ my #dearest #darling #LolaRosing & ALL of her #children Uncle Boking Art Reyes Drs. Robert Reyes & Fe Dollete, Ate Rose Razon-Basinillo & the#baby she gave #TLC, yours truly & Icoy Arthur Basinillo, Auntie Aida, Dr. Vee Luna+ my parents Nanay Estrella Dispo & Papa Jun … Either Kuya Arnel Basinillo or his & Ate Rose’s daughter Arielle Royse R Basinillo (who shares the same #birthday as me) or Kuya/Dr. June Luna or Tita/Dr. Yolanda Hernandez-Reyes took this (I’m listing for the sake of tagging). #GOD did #bless us w/my #maternal #grandmother, who#forever & #always shines #grace in my #mind & my #heart as I #pray for her#soul to have #eternal #peace in #Heaven w/the #angels  #grandma#grandchildren #GreatGrandchildren

  • Here are tributes to special loves in my life, going by those Weekend Hashtag Projects from Instagram:

#WHPwomenwhoinspire #InternationalWomensDay last#WeekendHashtagProject passed but I must #honor my#LolaRosa on her #anniversary for #sweetness &#encouragement through #PrideAndJoy my #AuntieFefor her #example as #doctor #pediatrician who’s touched #lives of #children her #patients & her#daughter #SonInLaw #nieces #nephews who#EnjoysLife #home #travel #BallroomDancing#SkysTheLimit #WomenWhoInspire #women #inspire#inspiration #RoleModels ⛵️✈️

#WHPwomenwhoinspire #InternationalWomensDay last#WeekendHashtagProject passed but I must #honor my#TitaLou on her #birthday for #perseverance #strength& most of all #faith + #MamaEufemia for #love to all your #children #grandchildren #GreatGrandchildren#DispoFamily #WomenWhoInspire #women #inspire#inspiration #strife #purpose #dedication #devotion#admiration #auntie #tita #grandma #mama #lola#apong

#WHPdancers my #TitaLou the #BirthdayGirl #dancingw/her #son my #baby #cousin #Christian#HappyBirthday #HappyBday #HBD #auntie#StayBlessed on your #birthday & #always #GOD#guide & #provide for my #tita #DancingQueen#TinyDancer #JustDance #sweet #tender #moment#fond #memory #dance #WeekendHashtagProject#WHP 

#WHPdancers my #parents #Nanay #MommyAya#PapaJun #dancing @ #AbileneCountryClub#SweetheartBall #USPFO #TwoStep #ChaCha #Tango#Lambada #FolkDance #GangnamStyle #YouNameItMaybe they can #TeachMeHowToDougie & I can#school them on the #CupidShuffle #ElectricSlide#Macarena #LineDance #StillGotIt #spark #fireworks in#marriage #dance #LoveIsInTheAir#WeekendHashtagProject #WHP 

#WHPwomenwhoinspire #InternationalWomensDay last#WeekendHashtagProject passed but I must #thank my#TitaMel whose #faith & #devotion I #admire as fellow#Church #lector #Adorer for her #JESUS #CrossStitch#handiwork that serves as #reminder to always #love#GOD #live in #CHRIST‘s #image #lead #life in#humility #MaramingSalamat #MagandaTalaga#KindGesture #WomenWhoInspire #inspiration#admiration #Adoration  created by Tita Mel Popatco which I originally admired @ Tita Lydia Sardon‘s; Tita Rosalinda Sims told Tita Mel I liked it; Tita Mel made one & gave it to my Nanay Estrella Dispowho framed it ~ so each of these inspirational women deserve women in this beautiful miracle gift 

  • These are more inspirations in the spirit of this Lenten season

Although I’ve done #StationsOfTheCross countless times, the #WayOfTheCross always has a #powerful#effect on me, reminding me to be more #humble like#Jesus. Hope the #PassionOfChrist does the same for y’all… Glad that I did the #walk in good company of#family & #friends w/a #delicious #meal to share! #GOD#TheTruth — eating homemade veggie soup

#TrustInGOD during #Lent & all our lives! I also always seek the #HolySpirit for #guidance to be closer to the Him everyday & always! #CHRISTbeOurLight #PraiseTheLORD 

 #PTL #Peace ✌
& way to go for my lil’ cowboy at the rodeo!
I’ll be @ this year’s #RGV #LivestockShow & #Rodeo in#spirit as my #heart is w/mi #sobrinito (my #nephew) Justin takes the #reins of #cattle today! Mi #sobrina (my#niece) Savannah just got a #horse & will #show#livestock including #goats soon ~ Ms. #Future #FFA#FutureFarmersOfAmerica #PridesAndJoy#CuñadaJanet please take & share pix & vids of the #kids! Here’s last year’s #LivestockShowAndRodeo while the#kiddos did #CowboyUp for the #ride! I tip my #cowboy#hat & #shine my #boots to mis #sobrinos🐐👢
Oh snap, it’s the paparazzi ~ at least that’s what my best friend’s dad calls me (hopefully just out of endearment)!

2 for Tuesday: Sweater Weather Tag before I Ring in Spring!

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Let’s hear it for the Sweater Tag!

Like my sweater and snake scarf?


My family and I went to Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater (approx. 45mi NW of Abilene) ~ which supposedly is the world’s largest!

Now here goes… [Questions are in italics; my answers are in bold.]

Yours truly’s SWEATER TAG

1. Favorite candle scent? Bath & Body Works Salty Caramel

Salty Caramel candle

BBW Salty Caramel

Dallas Cowboys Pumpkin

True Blue Jack-o-Lantern w/Salty Caramel Candle

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? ALL of the Above
3. What’s the best fall memory you have? football ~ most recently Dallas Cowboys 

Dallas Cowboys

GO, ‘BOYS! True Blue, through & through!

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner? neither; cat make-up: my red lips in Ardency Inn Modster Long Play Supercharged Lip Color in Love Cat and cat eyeliner by M•A•C 

Cat Eye & Lips

Tried to pull off Cat Eye & Cat Lips at Christmas Party

5. Best fragrance for fall? COACH Legacy

COACH Legacy

COACH Legacy Stripes in bag, fragrance and Gabrielle glasses

6. Favorite Thanksgiving food? my Cranberry Walnut Pie

THANKSgiving Dessert

My THANKful Cranberry Walnut Pie

7. What is autumn weather like where you live? bipolar: sunny & warm 1 day, snowy & frosty the next

Sunny Day

Sunny Abilene

Snowy Abilene

Snow Day

8. Most worn sweater? my Kardashian Kollection white Open Knit Sweater because I could layer it over any color and wear off-the-shoulder 

Kardashian Kollection Open Knit Sweater

My fave Sweater Weather sweater that I can wear everywhere, including the beach!

9. Must-have nail polish this fall? Nicole by OPI® Kardashian Kollection Disco Dolls for the gold glitter and Follow Me on Glitter for the dark glitter

Nicole by OPI® Kardashian Kolor

Kardashian Kolor from Nicole by OPI®

10. Football games or jumping in leaf piles? BOTH

Dallas Cowboys home game

Dallas Cowboys on the field! I’d like to play in the leaves with them!

11. Skinny jeans or leggings? BOTH … or how ’bout jeggings? (e.g., Sofia Vergara Lurex Jeggings in Gold Foil, Indigo & Jet Black ~ like the glitter effect from #9)

Gold Jeggings

These Gold Jeggings pair well w/this Snake Scarf, along w/my Cowboys Boots!

12. Combat boots or Uggs? neither; I’ll go for my Kenneth Cole knee-high zip-up black stiletto boots, Corral Cowboy boots or Sketchers Tone-Ups camel boots w/ faux fur

Jeggings & Sketchers

Jeggings + Sketchers = Match Made on Snow Day

13. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? he**-to-the-YEAH


Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte


I asked for Salted Caramel & Whip to top off my PSL!

SB SC PSL w/cap

Salted Caramel PSL in the house!

Starbucks Gold Member

Enjoy like yours truly at a Starbucks near you!

14. Favorite fall TV show? I’d say Grey’s Anatomy for the rainy weather, ’til it went on hiatus before the holidays, but now it’s back to ring in spring! 
15. What song really gets you into the fall spirit? Katy Perry’s Eye of the Tiger brought me school spirit because my alma mater, Cooper H.S., was a finalist in her music vid contest


Katy Perry ~ Hear Me ROAR!

Katy Perry Challenge

Katy Perry Challenge Finalists

Katy Perry & CHS

Katy Perry Challenge includes CHS, all right, all right, all right!


Cooper Cougars ROAR to Katy Perry!

5:55 ~ make a wish!!! 

Beauty Tuesday: All I Want for CHRISTmas Is My 2 Front Teeth

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♪All I Want for CHRISTmas Is My Two Front Teeth♫

With the abundant goodies that we consume during the HOLYdays, not only must we maintain our shape by minimizing our intake and eating in moderation, but we must take care of our teeth as well!

Crest Optic White

Mint Floss Pick {CVS} * Mini Brushes {GUM}

Of course, I dig on the floss picks whenever I’m on-the-go, plus my dad and sis recommended these mini reusable brushes between meals when we’re not at home with our full toothbrushes.

Crest White Strips

SMILE with those Pearly Whites! =D

Whitening and brightening your teeth to keep your smile clean and prestine! My personal preference is Crest White Strips, which made a difference in just ONE hour!

And remember: DON’T pull a HIMYM Marshmallow-Lily Pad by sharing a toothbrush … Just like Friends‘ Joey doesn’t share food, toothbrushes are meant to be owned by yourself only! DON’T pull a Friends‘ Ross either & go dramatically glow-in-the-dark white!

Beauty Tuesday: Gold, Green & Spring

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Hello, ♣Spring! Happy Early †Easter!

T&Co eye

@TiffanyAndCo @Smithsonian #LensCrafters #UnboxWithMe #DrDispoMakeover #SpringIntoSpring #TiffanyAndCo #TAndCo #ReturnToTiffany #HeartTag #TiffanyBlue #TortoiseShell #eyewear #eyeglasses #TransitionsLenses #TiffanyAndCompany #TiffanyHeartTag #ReturnToTiffanyHeartTag #ReturnToTiffanySilverHeartTag #hearts #vision #spring #SpringBreak #NewYork #Since1837 #Smithsonian #CherryBlossom #earrings #bracelet from Nanay #Swarovski #silver #gold 💝💍👓🕶😎🌞🌻🌼🌸☘🌴🏝🏖🌇🌆🏙🌃🌉💋👊🏽

In spirit of the season, I softened up my style to ☼brighten☼ up my vibe:

Throwback Beauty Tuesday: Hair Share

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♪YES (not Oops) ~ I did it again♫

Hair Donate 2008

Catch of the Day: Right after I interviewed for my Ph.D. & performed in our Opera, I went to my hometown hairdresser!

We’ll call this the Dr. Dispo makeover

Post-Doctorate Graduate Donate

New Year, Fresh Look: transitioning from 2015 ~ the Year of Finishing ~ to 2016 ~ the Year of Mercy ~ thanks to Mama Maggie!

before I return to my So-Tex teaching assignment!