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Foodie Friday: Bubble Tea

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Cheers to 🌎cultural🌏 openness ~ including to food and drink!

Valley Bubble Tea
My spot in the lower 🏖Valley🏝 now offers 🍢boba! 

🍜Pho #1🍲 in Harlingen ~ White Chocolate🍨

I also hit up my former neck of the woods for more 🍡bubble tea!

🍧Tea Rush Express🍱 ~ 🎂Red Velvet🍰 with 🍓Strawberry🍥 Jelly (which matches my 💅🏽mani🎨 dedicated to my 🌹Lola Rosa🌷 the Belated 🎈Bday🎁 Girl)

^– For your bubbly entertainment c/o fellow foodies Fung Bros –^

Foodie Friday: Around the World

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Last week, my speech students🎤 delivered their cultural reports!

Some offered us 🎁giveaways!


  • Jenna ~ 🇰🇷South Korean translation of our names🎌
  • Dom ~ 🇨🇳Chinese Almond Cookies🍪
  • Dani ~ 🇲🇽Tomatillo y Salsa Tamales🍛
  • Sarahi ~ 🇰🇭Cambodian Noodles🍜

Manic Monday: March Madness Motivation Edition ~ Coach K Wins 5th NCAA Today! 

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“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.” ~ Vince Lombardi 🏈

That was a quote from a clue that appeared on today’s episode of Double Jeopardy! 📺

M is for …

March Madness * Motivational * Men’s Basketball * Magnificent Coach = Mike Krzyzewski

Coach K on the sideline

Coach K aims high: one and done, son! ☝️

The commentators for tonight’s close [insert here: 💅nail-biting😁, white-knuckling👊, edge-of-your-seat💺, screaming-when-you’ve-already-lost your-voice😱] NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball🏀 Championship described Coach K as magnificent.

A is for: Ability to Adapt and Adjust

These analysts also attributed this to Coach K.

Coach K: Live Five

Coach K now can count his NCAA championship titles on one full hand 👋

Now, more than ever, I’m confident that I chose the right topic for my doctoral🎓 dissertation📜 research because this amazing man was the one who affirmed it more in the first place and has served as a driving force behind my continued studies!

NCAA Men's D-I Basketball

Coach K won five by five! 🙌

Aside from Coach K’s coaching leadership on the court and in the locker room for both college and pro ball that I’ve observed and studied*, I’ve admired him for the following reasons in which I can relate:

  • He served our country🇺🇸, through the United States Army (I appreciate all of our veterans)
  • He also is a devout🙏 Catholic💒

What a way for this senior to wrap up his college ball career! 👊

I must update my dissertation introduction, in which I mentioned that Coach K has led his Duke Blue Devils to four NCAA titles🏆 –> I now can revise it to FIVE!!! 

Also, my 😸Double A-Teammates😻 deserve credit as my good luck🍀 charms toward this championship because during most of the game when the Wisconsin Badgers led, I was working on school💻, and when I tuned in more during crunch and clutch time⏰, they joined me to cheer📢 on the young Devs that included majority freshmen in the starting line-up! 

YES, my Snow Angels go for the Blue Devils!

Lastly, I wish to point out that the very first paper that I wrote for my doctoral coursework compared the coaching styles of Coach K and his West Point coach, Bobby Knight ~ I’m proud that I aced🃏 it back then and proud of this team this whole season and tonight! 🌠


For the love of the team and the love of the game! 💝

*For more reasons why Coach K has the winning leadership recipe that champions both high performance and satisfaction, please read his books📚 and these studies📑 that I cited about him and Coach Knight, a.k.a. The General:

My Concept Map Bibliography (LEAD 9310, Oct. 21, 2008)

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Nothing but net! 🏀

Thirsty Thursday: Birthday Blessings

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Happy Birthday to Yours Truly!!! 

What better way to ring in my special day☼ than to celebrate at Church†? I began my birthday at the Chapel for my Adoration hour. Then Father Bob blessed♣ me and my gifts from my special friends, Evie, Maggie and Joe.♥ ♪They even sang Happy Birthday♫

DSC04468 DSC04485 DSC04487 DSC04500 DSC04501 DSC04502 DSC04507 DSC04508GOD is Great!!! 

PTL for Praise The LORD * People that LOVE * Pretty Tough Lady 

Elaine’s Happenings from 2011-2013

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Since I haven’t posted that much in the past couple of years, I’d like to share with you my Season’s Greetings* to give you the scoop and keep you in the loop.

* 2011

  HOLYdays11EnglishHOLYdays11  HOLYdays11Español

* 2012 

  HOLYdays12EnglishHOLYdays12 HOLYdays12Español

While many changes have taken place during this time, I’m still the same GOD-loving person † with a BiG heart ♥ who wishes to give the gifts with which He’s blessed me to do good.

OLLU OLLUlibrary OLLUvisit1 OLLUvisit2a OLLUvisit2bOLLUvisit3

Now that I’m All But Dissertation on my Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from Our Lady of the Lake University, I’ve taken a sabbatical from teaching for my research yet am carrying on another passion: writing – so here are my biography and the educational articles that I’ve recently published:

Another passion that I still maintain is advocating worthy causes through worthy events, including:

40Cans4Lent1 40Cans4Lent2 40Cans4Lent3 


  • Autism Awareness – Walk with Team Nico in San Antonio, TX (4/13/13)

AA1 AA2 AA3 AA4 AA5 AA6 

M4B1 M4B2 M4B3 M4B4

Unfortunately, there have been losses along the way, during just these first few months this year alone, so I believe that their souls are looking down on us with love from Heaven above:

  • Savannah Elizabeth Garcia (Jan. 2013) ~ my friends’ daughter

Savannah_Easter1 Savannah_Easter2 Savannah_M4B

  • Justin Luu (Jan. 2013) ~ my former co-worker
  • Lori Lime (Feb. 2013) ~ my friend’s sister
  • Kohle Holwick (March 2013) ~ my friend’s son
  • Nenet Español (April 2013) ~ my paternal great-aunt

Luckily, I had the pleasure of rooting on my Dallas Mavericks both at home in the American Airlines Center and on the road this past season, and although they didn’t advance to the NBA playoffs, I’m still a MFFL!

IMG_5612 Mavs-LA Mavs@SA

I’ve also traveled quite a bit, so here’s a list of my most memorable trips:

  • Maryland & Virginia to visit my maternal relatives (Jan. 2013)

MD_Reyes-Dollete MD_Raisin MD_Lulu MD_Dallape VAlove VA_UncleTerry 

  • Dallas/Fort Worth for friends, races & games (Jan.-Feb. & April 2013)
  • San Antonio for school, races & games (Feb.-April 2013)
  • Rio Grande Valley & México to visit my friends & in-laws + the beautiful churches (March 2013) ♣

RGV RGV1_Rdz RGV2_Jonas RGV3_Cuñadas RGV4_Justin RGV5_Justin RGV6_Sylvia

Despite my limited updates, I feel compelled to impart to anyone who’s reading this entry that even if we can’t fit in everything that we want to include in our lives, let’s make the most of the time that we have with those who we love. Whether or not you’re a believer, the world is so much bigger than us to only serve ourselves. I for one, love GOD & therefore love His people, who are more important than just me as 1 person. Lately, I’ve been spending time with special loves – and of course, my Double A-Team, who I’m happy to report are in pretty kitty purr-fect condition – for whom I’m grateful are in my life.

  SBSunVDay2 VDay1VDay Easter_Asia Easter_AnnieOz