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Beauty Tuesday: May My Teeth Be Merry and Bright

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Happy Big Day to yours truly!

The time has arrived: I’m defending my dissertation this afternoon after my anticipated blessing from Bishop Mike.

While it’s still surreal until I actually achieve this vision, I’ve planned everything in advance down to the details of my appearance …

After all: fail to plan, plan to fail ~ to no avail!

That way, my smile will glow, and the coffee stains won’t show! =D


Beauty Tuesday: All I Want for CHRISTmas Is My 2 Front Teeth

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♪All I Want for CHRISTmas Is My Two Front Teeth♫

With the abundant goodies that we consume during the HOLYdays, not only must we maintain our shape by minimizing our intake and eating in moderation, but we must take care of our teeth as well!

Crest Optic White

Mint Floss Pick {CVS} * Mini Brushes {GUM}

Of course, I dig on the floss picks whenever I’m on-the-go, plus my dad and sis recommended these mini reusable brushes between meals when we’re not at home with our full toothbrushes.

Crest White Strips

SMILE with those Pearly Whites! =D

Whitening and brightening your teeth to keep your smile clean and prestine! My personal preference is Crest White Strips, which made a difference in just ONE hour!

And remember: DON’T pull a HIMYM Marshmallow-Lily Pad by sharing a toothbrush … Just like Friends‘ Joey doesn’t share food, toothbrushes are meant to be owned by yourself only! DON’T pull a Friends‘ Ross either & go dramatically glow-in-the-dark white!