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Throwback Thirsty Thursday: Call to the Poor

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My first order of business as Dr. Dispo:

Give to the poor.

This is GOD‘s calling, not just to me, but also from our Holy Father, Pope Francis, and my spiritual mentor, Bishop Mike, through Him, to the people.

How will you help?

For the past few CHRISTmases, to follow in the example of the blessed birthday celebrant, JESUS, my family and I have contributed to those in need instead of each other. I’ve offered gifts to my Angel Tree children and am donating more to the Salvation Army today after my Holy Hour.

And if we really are poor ~ in health, spirit, or otherwise ~ let us seek the LORD for strength to overcome.

Prayers of …

TBT X'mas '11

Throwback Thursday: This JUST-IN … My fave ✌CHRISTmas✌ memory was when my lil’ nephew ~ him decked out in *Dallas Cowboys* Santa hat & yours truly in *Dallas Mavericks* ~ helped me decorate the natural tree that I picked up & actually kept up ’til past ♣St. Patty’s♣ (while also decorating it for more ☼cheer☼ through ☼New Year’s, ♥Valentine’s, ♠Mardi Gras, ♣St. P’s & †Easter)!

Thirsty Thursday: Alter CHRISTus

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Alter Christus: “to be another †CHRIST†

This is what my good friend, the Bishop, accredited to his five decades of priesthood, at his 50th Anniversary celebration*


“We all have a †cross† to bear.” ~ Dr. Díaz … My Airman cousin’s Rosary to guide in travel

Although not all of us our clergy or are in the religious life, we laypeople also can practice this philosophy, through ♥loving♥ and serving the †LORD† ♥whole-heartedly♥,  along with His people, leading by ☼faith☼ and listening to His will.

Therefore, the way we treat people is extremely important in how we can reach Heaven. If we’re humble to others rather than condemning/condescending/critical/judgmental, then we’re more likely to have a special spot reserved for eternal paradise. Plus, believing in miracles ~ which we went over in last night’s R.E. class ~ brings us closer to ☼The Truth☼.

With †GOD†, anything is possible.


  • * Jimmy Patterson, Editor. “Diocese celebrates 50-year anniversaries.” West Texas Angelus, Vol. 35, No. 1: January 2015 (2015).

R.I.P., Deacon Paul Klein, Sweet Pea, & my R.E. student Elise’s grandmother + other family friends who’ve recently passed on