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Foodie Friday: Pocket full of Yumshine 

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As Dr. Ken😷* says…

______’s my jam!

In my case, stuffed starches are.

What can I say? I am what I eat!

🎎Asian versions from Pho #1 :

  • Steamed potstickers 🍜
  • Boiled wontons (not pictured) 🍜

🍕Italian-style versions from Mami Aya:

Basically, these all are dumplings!


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While I’m visiting home over ♣Spring Break, the piece that I covered on my homeboy (literally) was published in our hometown magazine:

*Check out Dr. Ken tonight & Fridays on ABC + ISAtv‘s Dr. Ken feature!

Foodie Friday: BYOB

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Have it YOUR☝️ way, any day!

We have two new 🏠neighborhood🏡 good 🍛food🍱 joints to tickle anyone’s fancy!


I first tried Moe’s almost two weeks ago when my darling friend and had our †CHRISTmas gift† exchange!

Moe’s Southwest Grill


Gotta ♥love♥ Moe’s salsa bar (counter-clockwise): * salsa roja caliente * tomatillo * chipotle ranch * cranberry lime for festive flavor!

The sky’s the limit for ✈️southwest🌄 mix at this Tex Mex eatery, from burritos to burrito bowls🍲!


Generous portions at Moe’s: this Chili con Queso burrito’s loaded up!

Hashi Teppan Japanese Grill


Since Japanese is among the faves of Airman cousin who just deployed, I had to pick up take-out from Hashi for his farewell dinner! Wide variety of rice: steamed or fried white or brownGotta go for Gyoza!

Like Moe’s, you can pick your side starches🍜 (veggies and/or rice or noodles) and protein (red meat🍣, poultry🍗 or seafood🍤) with that Asian zing🎎 at Hashi!


Good Mood Study Food: Couldn’t resist bringing these snacks back with me! Hello Kitty in the House! ♪♫Gotta have coffee♫♪

Got these 🍧🍓goodies☕️🍫 there to-go!

😍Happy😘 Eats & Treats💝