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Thirsty Thursday: GOD is my BAE

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BAE stands for…

Before Anyone Else.


My Public Speaking students schooled me on this term last week, as we went over figurative words, including abbreviations and acronyms. At first, I thought that it was an abbreviation because they told me that it was an alternative to baby or babe, but then they told me that it is short for the above; hence it indeed is an acronym… I, in turn, declared that nobody has called me that or put me before anyone else, yet I have the same BAE everyday:



☼Beautiful Bright Breezy Day☼ †THANKS to GOD† whose ♥LOVE♥ shines from HEAVEN above

He comes first and foremost in my life, in everything that I do. Thanks to Him, I have been blessed beyond measure. Just yesterday, I found out the wonderful news that I’ve been waiting for:

My doctoral dissertation has been approved by my school’s research board!


Bishop Mike’s beautiful †cross† from his Holy Pilgrimage to Bethlehem

Since my classmate who graduated last year consulted with me, his words have resonated in my mind, that my own Ph.D. will happen…

in GOD‘s time.


Considering that

GOD is my #1


I must LOVE and serve him ~ practice what I preach to my own Religious Education students, like through these lessons.

1:11 ~ make a wish!!!