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In Home Sweet Home, Relationships on 02/01/2011 at 20:33

As a sugar-coater by tendency, I don’t like to share sad or bad news unless it’s a prayer request for a ♥ed 1, so as a journalist, I’m more marketable as a writer for feature stories than hard, late-breaking stories.
However, I must express my disappointment that I’m separated from Rob, my bf who I thought would be THE 1. 3 wks later, I’m still bummed out, but I’m taking it 1 day @ a time. To be honest, I’d ♥ for us to find our way back to each other, yet we seem to be heading in different directions.
For example, I found my new home in Harlingen that I look forward to settling into, although I’ll miss living in Sharyland or close to Rob @ the new house that he bought in McAllen. If I get anything meaningful out of our relationship, it’s to be positive & independent again. Right now, I’m taking 1 day @ a time – like so many people have told me throughout the yrs – & as my spiritual mentor, Bishop Mike, has advised me: w/the Lord.
Unfortunately, when we lose a ♥ed 1, it’s either through death or by choice. Of course, I recently lost Uncle Ding when he died, & this time, Rob chose to split up w/me. Therefore, I also must choose what I do & where I go from here…
Once upon a time, I had my 1st true ♥, & now he’s found THE 1 for him. Now that he just turned 30, he’s marrying her around ♥’s Day. GOD-willing, THE 1 for me is out there, so I can start a family someday, for I believe I can achieve my sense of purpose once I can serve others aside from myself unconditionally… Who, what, where, when, why, & how do I choose?