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Thirsty Thursday: Birthday Blessings

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Happy Birthday to Yours Truly!!! 

What better way to ring in my special day☼ than to celebrate at Church†? I began my birthday at the Chapel for my Adoration hour. Then Father Bob blessed♣ me and my gifts from my special friends, Evie, Maggie and Joe.♥ ♪They even sang Happy Birthday♫

DSC04468 DSC04485 DSC04487 DSC04500 DSC04501 DSC04502 DSC04507 DSC04508GOD is Great!!! 

PTL for Praise The LORD * People that LOVE * Pretty Tough Lady 

Thirsty Thursday: Southmost Valley Church and Catholic School

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🙏Pray with Praise & Thanks + for Peace✌️


After school business, I visited more beautiful Churches.


St. Joseph’s (San Benito)


Following my meeting yesterday, with a principal of the Catholic school where my Ph.D. professor served as CEO/President, I went to this Cathedral close to the border.


Immaculate Conception Cathedral (Brownsville)


Due to over a year worth of renovations, it will be closed until September 15, 2014.


Luckily, the gift shop was open for pasalubong!


Oblates of Mary Immaculate is my dear friend and Valley native, Bishop Mike’s religious order!


☝️God’s Blessings👏

Thirsty Thursday: Más Valley Churches

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🌞 Today’s Forecast: Heavenly Sunshine with 100% Chance of Showers of GOD’s Blessings 🌈

🌴 Upon my return to the Valley from Tita Brenda’s memorial, I went westward for more Churches that I attended when I lived here. 💒


OLSJ del Valle Basilica & Shrine (San Juan)


Our Lady of Perpetual Help (McAllen)




Holy Spirit (McAllen) ~ home of this Stations of the Cross

where I received my first 🍎teacher blessing🎓


Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mission)

where I 🎼sang🎤 in the 🎵choir🎶

Since my good friend’s dad, who tithed generously to their Church, is very sick, I started the St. Jude novena for them and their family. 🙏

☝️ Blessings of GOD’s Peace to all! ✌️

Thirsty Thursday: MORE Valley Churches

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My beautiful Valley Church tour took me further throughout the lower RGV this past week.


After spending time working on my dissertation research at school last Saturday, I attended Vigil Mass at the nearby parish where we had my second Ph.D. Convocation.


St. Francis Xavier (La Feria)


The priest really struck a chord in me about how his Church lacked involvement in the Ministry, so I hope that he reached out to the Congregation members.


On Sunday, I swung by the grotto in Port Isabel, following my homecoming in South Padre Island.

Our Lady Star and Sea (Port Isabel)


My buddy also took me by another place of worship on the Island.

Chapel by the Sea (South Padre Island)


After work on Monday, I visited the Church where my nephew’s dad was the first altar boy.


Our Lady Queen of the Universe (San Benito)


Unfortunately, we lost a family friend that night, and I continued to pray for the repose of her soul on Tuesday.


St. Helen’s (Rio Hondo)


I’ve also taken my nephew and stepdaughter to Vacation Bible School, so I like to believe that they’re learning valuable lessons about GOD and His Word there.

R.I.P., Brenda Doria Paragas

Faithful Friday: GOD’s Peace

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Go to Church for comfort & strength💪.


That’s what my dad👨 advised me, in particular when I was devastated that his mother/my paternal grandmother, Mama Eufemia👵, my last surviving grandparent, was dying.


Hence, I heeded his suggestion and went to Church💒, not just for Mass🙏, but also Adoration💖.


My neighborhood Church at the time was Queen of Peace👑, which I visited this morning.


It’s not all about you☝️.


When my mom👩 told me this, I felt offended at first, but she’s absolutely right. As a matter of fact, when GOD spoke to me before the Blessed Sacrament today, He reminded me of my parents’ remarks: to live for the LORD, not for myself. Peace! ✌️

Thirsty Thursday: Celebrate CHRIST

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Enjoy these photos taken on the Church tour during my business trip last week!


Thank GOD for another day.


That’s what my parents’ Church’s visiting priest asked us to pray as we greet each day.


Glory be…


That’s what this priest asked us to pray at the end of our day.


This past weekend, I attended the Most Holy Trinity Mass with my family, we celebrated:


* The Father
* The Son
* The Holy Spirit


Catholics believe in all three forms. Whether you believe in all three or at least one form of GOD, your life is fulfilled when you surround yourself with fellow believers.


The more, the merrier!


When we warmly welcome others into our Church, we bring ourselves closer to Heaven.


DON’T force our beliefs down people’s throats. Teach by example.


When I discussed GOD’s calling for me to open a Catholic school to another Ph.D. yesterday, that was one of his many pieces of advice.


Yesterday, I enjoyed wholesome meals and the pleasant company of wonderful friends who support His plan to establish a school. We also remember to turn to Him, to praise Him during our joys, and to seek guidance during our sorrows.


The LORD leads us to special someones along a path that He paves toward Heaven, so I’m grateful to GOD for showing His will and way today, everyday and always.


And I’m not just mentioning people, but ALL of the LORD’s creations as well…


Including creatures who are drawn to the Church…


Like this Cat at St. Stephen’s!


I call her/him Cat Stephens!


GOD bless y’all!