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Movie Monday: 20 Clueless Years

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🎬Happy 2 Decades of Clueless!🎥

Clueless Whatever

Couldn’t pass up this $5 Target🎯 DVD💽 or this opp to make my “Mental Health Day” (dubbed by my bestie Evie) yesterday a Movie Day!

This not only was my favorite flick as I entered my freshman year of high school 20 years ago, but I also read the book📖 and jammed out to the 🎧soundtrack!

Argyle by design

Clueless‘ Cher and I like to be decked out in diamonds💍! Argyle = Smile 😍😻

I actually also admired Alicia Silverstone for these 3 Cs in the early-/mid-’90s:

  • Crazy ~ as she co-starred with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler’s daughter, Liv Tyler, on this Aerosmith🎸 music video (as well as Living on the Edge with Eddie Furlong) 🎤
  • Crush ~ in which she portrayed a disturbed teenager obsessed with her parents’ guest house tenant 🏠
  • Clueless ~ well, duh! 👌

Not only could I relate to her character and her friends’ fashion-forward💃 wardrobes👠 (on a much less grand scale than 👜Beverly Hills, and I actually planned mine a month in advance rather than picking out my OOTD that morning even back then ~ yet I now have a touch-screen computer if I wanted to use that to view photos of my options ~ and I admit that I once had a shallow, self-absorbed streak during my youth), I also could connect with Cher on another level, lately.

Let’s just say that I may have my own version of “Christian” to this day (yet I won’t be a 👧beard🎅 ~ as if)!  As for other “Baldwins”:

  • I also had a celeb crush😘 on Donald Faison since his supporting role on Waiting to Exhale ~ of which I also have the book📕 ~ until he starred on my fave 2000s sitcom📺 Scrubs😷 
  • I’ve cracked up to movie star🌠 Paul Rudd ~ who also appeared on the last episodes of my fave show of all time, Friends ~ for decades!

Also, a decade ago, my 👣gym👟 bestie and I hit up Pismo👙 (as in the 🌴Pismo Beach🏄 Relief: Cher’s cause ~ another inspiration to donate food, clothing, athletic equipment, etc.) ~ and I actually appreciate good teacher-student connections, as I’ve taken on both roles myself!

R.I.P., Brittany Murphy (1977-2009) ~ who I watched >20 years ago on Almost Home🏡, the spin-off of 👪The Torkelsons!

Beauty Tuesday: Teacher Makeover

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As if?

Remember the almost two decade-old flick, Clueless, where the main characters makeover their teacher?

Well, two of my superstar students revamped my look in class today! They schooled us on braiding and eye makeup for their demonstration speeches.


Starting off with a French Braid at the crown …

First, I got my hair did.


Wrapping it up with a Waterfall Braid on the side!

Then, my face!


My students’ makeup by Sephora + my mascara & lipstick by M•A•C

As Van Halen sings …


Glam & Glitz ~ ♪ready for a Ballroom Blitz♫!

♪ ☼HOT☼ for Teacher ♫

& I look forward to my senior drum major student doing my nails in ombré style with school colors mañana!