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Beauty Tuesday: These Boots Were Made for … 

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4:44 ~ make a New Year’s wish!!!

Beauty Tuesday: All-Weather Non-Leather

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Regardless of the season, we must treat our skin, hair and nails as we would our finest silk and favorite fabrics ~ with the best care!

One of my main go to basics: Eucerin Aquaphor (petroleum-based ointment)

Eucerin Aquaphor

I dig the *NEW* Eucerin Aquaphor “no-touch” applicator ~ with user-friendly sponge surface & plastic cap (sometimes packaging works if it’s functional)

Now here’s one of my newbies: L’Oréal® Nutri-Gloss Gylco-Silk

L'oréal Blake Lively

You too can score a *FREE* sample of L’Oréal® Advanced HairCare here! Choose among different selections depending on your hair type & needs ~ endorsed by celebrities (such as Ryan Reynolds wifey Blake Lively)

Beauty Tuesday: From Head to Toe ~ Year-Round Hair Care & Summer Happy Feet Tips

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Restore your hair💁🏻 and keep your feet👣 in tip-top shape this season! 

Head’s Start: Our Hair💁🏻 

Dress by 3.1 Phillip Lim

Effortless look: Hair up (yet always time to take hair down [more to follow below]) * flawless make-up * statement dress Impress = Success #DISPObustAFlow

💁🏻Any hair breakage or loss probs? Look no further; Dr. Oz😷 and yours truly to the rescue!

As someone who’s had healthy hair and has attempted to revitalize it after chemically-treating it (color and curl), I swear by coconut oil and now Marvelous Oil to moisturize it!

💁🏻On 📺The Dr. Oz Show, a professional guest who appeared introduced a pre-treatment

*Pre-Poo ~ comb through approximately 20 minutes before shampooing💆🏻

  • Thin Hair: Coconut
  • Medium: Ampro
  • Thick: Castor

👦🏻Now as someone who’s been more self-conscious about receding hairlines, I’m all about this

Thinning Hair Breakthrough

*Color Powder ~ hides bald spots and grays👴🏽

I personally use the dry shampoo from my Birthday Birchbox to cover up

*Change the part to cover the spots👸🏻

➕Plus, I’d like to pony … I mean, point out the obvious (thanks, auto-correct/subliminal message in my subconscious):

🚫DON’T always pull your hair back in tight buns🍘 or ponytails🐴

👧🏻It may be common sense that these up-dos tend to impose damage on hair follicles, as well as loosening from the scalp. However, for some of us who have long 💇🏼hair, we need to wear our hair up for daily activities (i.e., work, workout) to keep it away from our face.

👧🏻Just like our diets, we may wish to consider that our hairstyles🙆🏽 (chemicals, heat, etc.) must be done in moderation to prevent long-term effects, like losing it. #YOLO

Finish with Our Feet👣


Now that we’ve hit more ☼sunshine☼ past our lingering snowy & rainy seasons, I’m storing my boots at the very top tier of my dress/accessory closet, but they’re still easy to access if I occasionally need them!

👣I read this article that addressed how to exercise good foot and shoe hygiene, especially with the sweat that accompanies the summer heat. It reminds me of how I adopted a practice from my AF wife bestie, who’d at the very least wash her feet before bed (especially after a ladies’ night full of dancing at the club) ~ that way, we don’t stink up our bedtime sheets and wake up with the stench in the air!

👣Similarly, our shoes👟 ~ especially those open-toed ones (flats, flip flops, sandals, stilettos) that we don’t wear with socks ~ need loving too! When I’d work at shoe stores during h.s. and college, I’d always stock up on mint balls to freshen up my footwear. Due to some stains on the insides of our shoes actually coming from dead skin, we must clean and spray those off (I typically pre-treat them with water repellent to prevent marks)! Also, upon removing those shoes, I go back to the above guideline: wash my feet!

🌅Since I’m about to teach my ☼summer☼ speech class about **persuasive speaking, I’ve used two types of testimonies to sway you:

Summer Stylin'

♪We Never Go Out of Style♫ This season/teaching session, my VS ☼Summer☼ ♥Love♥ tote holds my textbook + M•A•C HK cosmetics bag

  • Expert Testimony ~ Dr. Oz and his guests as the specialists in their respective fields
  • Lay/Peer Testimony ~ I’m just an average joe who can show how these have worked for me!
M•A•C for Class

… to store my Dry-Erase Board Markers & Cleaner!


*The Dr. Oz Show, “Secrets to Thicker, Fuller, Stronger Hair”

**Ford-Brown, L. A. (2014). DK guide to public speaking, 2nd ed. NY: Pearson Education.

Beauty Tuesday: Pretty Feet

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Today, I want you to think on your toes about how you care for those lil’ piggies!

Almost a couple of weeks ago, we attended Holy Thursday Mass at my Church, where our Deacon’s homily was about how Jesus washed His disciples feet. Deacon, who is a doctor, discussed how disgusting feet may be, but how this experience of washing each other’s feet was a sign of love.

Let’s love our feet!

Treat your feet to pedicures. Whether you DYI or go pro, make sure that you moisturize for smooth, soft skin all over, from the tops of your feet to your soles: buff any rough edges, lather with lotion, apply cuticle oil to your toe nails and paint fresh coats of color ~ especially so you can show them off in sandals and peep toes this Spring and Summer! Check out my cold feet tips that still can work all year-round!


Treat your Tootsies w/T♥C! Like my Spring & Summer soap & lotions full of fun, floral or fruity fragrances? *SWEET PEA Forever* is a tribute to the Birthday Girl {photos below}

Since many of us fashionistas like to sport stylish foot candy in forms of stilettos or narrow toe boxes, pointy heels and toes may do debilitating damage to our feet in the long run. Speaking of the long run, when I ran races, I started noticing more pain at the joints of my big toe and pinky toe bones. That’s when I became more aware of my bunion problem, which already was hereditary yet worsened through my types of shoes and strenuous activity. Then I addressed my options with two podiatrists (foot doctors) — who both were conveniently located within just running distance from my home at the time — and they brought to my attention alternatives to surgical removal — which I’d seek as a last resort if my symptoms were too severe (plus I didn’t want to suffer post-op risks or sever off time from teaching or training to recover off my feet). Here are the measures that I’ve taken to live with these bunions and delay the process of becoming more prominent and bothersome.

Beat & Bash Bunion Busts

  • Prescription Orthotics
  • Toe Wraps
  • Toe Bandages
  • Toe Separators (i.e., Yoga Toes)

Easter Basket for Feet Treats {info below}


PURRfect Pedicure: PedEgg to smooth sole skin & Gel Toe Separators to straighten toe bones + prevent paint smudges


Love your Peds even in Keds! I wear these Toe-Kinis w/some open- & closed-toes or customed Foam Toe Bandages w/socks & closed-toe shoes.


While On-the-Go or at Rest: Soft Splints to wrap around feet can work in spacious shoes or even during sleep, & Gel Guard can be worn w/socks & closed-toes

Now how ’bout I wrap up the foot of this post on a kicka** note? We celebrated the True Blue Pitbull/Mavs Champ Canine Sweet Pea‘s Birthday! She turned the BiG 1-2 a week ago!

*SWEET PEA* the Easter Bunny

#HappyEaster from my #MansBestFriend #BirthdayGirl #SweetPea the #sweetest #pitbull in the #world who’s the #BIG12! #OlGirl #SeniorDog in #BunnyEars #BirthdayDog #BdayGirl #birthday #dog #MadDogging #MadCheezing #canine #K9 #KoolAid #smile #sweet #love who is #groan #grown out of #happiness #Easter #SeniorDogs #12thBirthday #AprilBaby

*SWEET PEA* the Birthday Girl/Easter Bunny

#HappyEaster & #HappyBirthday (4/22) to #SweetPea the #sweetest #pitbull in the #world who’s the #BIG12 ~ my #MansBestFriend #BirthdayGirl #OlGirl #SeniorDog #BlowOutTheCandles #MakeAWish on #BirthdayCake in #BunnyEars #BirthdayDog #BdayGirl #birthday #dog #MadDogging #MadCheezing #canine #K9 #KoolAid #smile #sweet #love is #groan #grown out of #happiness

*SWEET PEA* the Make a Wish DOG!

#HappyBirthday (4/22) to #SweetPea the #sweetest #pitbull in the #world who’s the #BIG12 ~ my #MansBestFriend #BirthdayGirl #OlGirl #SeniorDog #BlowOutTheCandles #BirthdayCake #BirthdayDog #BdayGirl #birthday #dog #MadDogging #MadCheezing #canine #K9 #KoolAid #smile #sweet #love is #groan #grown out of #happiness #SeniorDogs #12thBirthday #AprilBaby Tag PhotoAdd LocationEdit

*SWEET PEA* the Mavs Champ K9!

#HappyEaster & #HappyBirthday (4/22) to #SweetPea the #sweetest #pitbull in the #world who’s the #BIG12 ~ my #MansBestFriend #BirthdayGirl #OlGirl #SeniorDog #BlowOutTheCandles in #BunnyEars #BirthdayDog #BdayGirl #birthday #dog #MadDogging #MadCheezing #MavsMadness #DallasMavericks #MFFL #canine #K9 #KoolAid #smile #love is #groan #grown out of #happiness

Man's Best Friend & *MAVS* Fans for Life

Our MAVS have thought on their toes to 2 victories in this 1st round of the NBA Playoffs!

& don’t forget to stretch those lil’ piggies!