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Foodie Friday: SDJ

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Red & Purple: Color-coordinating with the Paris-inspired wall!

Last Friday night, my Churchūüíí Bestie, Evie, and I were in for a treat …


Sweets du Jourūüóľ, my favorite ūüć©bakeryūüćģ in town, offered dinner, so we’re were honored to be their first evening guests!

Sweets du Jour

Appetizer: Tomato Basil Mozzarella Tart

We indulged in a five-course meal.

Sweets du Jour

Soup: Italian Sausage Tortellini

All of the flavors were mighty tasty …

Sweets du Jour

Salad: Pear Walnut with Dijon

From savory to sweet, it couldn’t be beat, as we needed the heat from the cold, even if it was bold!

Sweets du Jour

Main Course: Asparagus Lasagna

Meanwhile, we enjoyed having it to ourselves!

Sweets du Jour

Sweeten the Deal: Caramel Apple Cheesecake for Dessert

Hopefully, this eatery will open its doors again for more dinner parties!

Sweets du Jour

Complete with Coffee!

Bon apetit! ūüĎĆ

GOD, Family & Football

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Happy Advent Season!

As we prepare for JESUS‘ birth, I reflect on THANKSgiving and all of the blessings for which I’m grateful.

One week ago today, many of us around the world celebrated Turkey Day in the spirit of The Best Man Holiday movie theme: GOD, Family and Football.

GOD: First thing that morning, I went to the Adoration Chapel at church because I have my Adoration Hour commitment every Thursday, and I spent extra time there while fellow adorers were out of town for the holyday.
Family: When I got home, I took my CHRISTmas card photos with my Double A-Team and made my festive dessert: Cranberry Walnut Cream Cheese Pie. My best friend, Melody ~ who is like a sister to me ~ and I spent this Day of Thanks with both sides of our families: I went to her parents’ for lunch, and she, her hubby and their children joined my family and me at my parents’ house.
Football: A Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without the traditional¬†Dallas Cowboys game, so we most definitely were THANKful for their victory over the¬†Oakland Raiders!

Here are more of my cheers and toasts of gratitude:

Day 27: I’m THANKful for the¬†#gift¬†of¬†#sight! We who can see, or @ least need corrective¬†#lenses, cannot take this for granted… Although I don’t like to get pics taken w/my¬†#glassesūüĎď all the time (blame it on the vanity – say it a’int so), I absolutely need them to get around (case in point: last night @ my BFF’s parents’ when I lost track of them while posing for photos). Some of y’all know what I’m talking about that they’re a necessity, an essential, right Tita¬†Tina Gunn? Plus, since I like specific brands, I usually find designer frames for my¬†#specsūüėé
I’m also THANKful for my good friend &¬†#spiritual¬†#mentor, Bishop Mike, who officiated my¬†#Catholic¬†#Sacraments¬†of First¬†#Communion¬†&¬†#Confirmation¬†+ who writesūüďú (I’m talking snail mailūüď¨ – not just emailūüď•) me on a regular basis as my main pen‚úíÔłŹ pal!

I’m also THANKful for the children to whom I’m giving this¬†#CHRISTmas¬†because I love kids. Since my family & I – in light of¬†#TyphoonÔłŹ¬†#Haiyan¬†/¬†#Yolanda¬†in our native¬†#Philippines¬†– shall sustain our¬†#gratitude¬†& not exchange¬†#gifts¬†this year for once, I’ll focus my¬†#generosity¬†on my¬†#AngelTree¬†child & my¬†#CFCAsponsored child.

Day 28: I’m¬†#THANKful¬†for¬†#GOD¬†#Family¬†#Football¬†especially my¬†#DallasCowboyswho always play on¬†#TurkeyDay! I’ll also¬†#THANK¬†those who know which¬†#filmrefers to¬†#GODFamilyFootball¬†for your¬†#movie¬†knowledge. I¬†#kickoff¬†this#THANKSgiving¬†with my special¬†#AdorationHour¬†+ extra time!

I’m THANKful my BFF Sgt.¬†Melody Givan¬†who’s been there for yours truly through the#ThickAndThin¬†+ who I’ve been fortunate to celebrate THANKsgiving w/ when we grew up & when I visited her in Georgia! She’s the culinary arts mastermind, & while I didn’t know my way around the kitchen before, she sent me my Crock Pot for#CHRISTmas!

#ThrowbackThursday¬†#TBT: my bestie Mely & I didn’t plan for our Turkey Day getup to match when I flew to her family’s home for the¬†#HOLYday, but#2GreatMindsThinkAlike¬†as we both bought these sweaters from¬†#EXPRESSseparately!

THANKSgiving 2009

*Bearing this in mind, here are the pics of Melody and yours truly from THANKSgiving ’09 (above) and THANKSgiving ’13 (below)*¬†THANKSgiving 2013Girl time was definitely what I needed last week because most of my friends are guys, so I was glad to spend yet another Thanksgiving with Melo until she and her fam drove their beautiful Beamer back to Georgia…

Meanwhile, more blessings for which I’m grateful include my¬†dissertation progress and my¬†career opportunities! Yesterday, I had a conference call with my dissertation chair, who arranged for me to present the¬†concept proposal of my study to my dissertation committee next week! Also, through¬†Rant Sports and¬†Pretty Fit, I like reaching out to fellow sports fans and health buffs!

Here are my first 6 about the Dallas Mavericks this December:

While I write this, we have another snow storm in the forecast. In the holyday spirit, I’m playing¬†Elf¬†(my favorite Christmas movie of all time) and printing my season’s greetings!

Let me wrap up this positive post with more bright notes:

GOD Bless Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy †
Dispo-Cooley Wedding
♥ Love Always, Jun Bandonill Dispo (Batch 1970) and Family
Jun Dispo, Retired United States Air Force * Estrella Dispo, Retired Registered Nurse * Elaine Dispo, Ph.D. Candidate * Joanne Dispo, Nurse Practitioner * Ryan Cooley, United States Marine Corps Veteran


From left to right: Jacinto Dispo, Lolita Tan Dispo, Joseph del Rosario, Carmelita Dispo del Rosario, Elaine Joyce Dispo, Estrella Reyes Dispo, Christian Joseph del Rosario, Joanne Dispo Cooley, David Ryan Cooley, Jun Bandonill Dispo, Lyndah Baterina Dispo, Manuel Dispo, Madalyn Dispo-Junio, Crystal Gail Dispo

Happy Anniversary to my Parents!!
Dispo Wedding
#ThrowbackThursday #TBT: Happy #Anniversary, Nanay & Dad (yesterday)  

Looking @ my parents’¬†#wedding¬†album, I admire how they went all out & appreciate the value of their¬†#Catholic¬†#sacrament!

Yet aside from their amazing wedding, they’ve invested¬†#energy¬†&¬†#sacrifice¬†into their decades of¬†#marriage, which is what matters most in the¬†#LongHaul!

Their secret: sharing #time #together, including #timeless #traditions (i.e., Taco Tuesday)

& now they have their Golden Years to enjoy w/each other, so may they stay#blessed with many more to come!

[from L-R: my Aunties Alice Dispo* (my great-aunt/Uncle Bal’s wife) & Dr. Fe Reyes-Dollete** (my aunt/mom’s sister), Mama Eufemia Dispo*** (my paternal grandmother/dad’s mom), Mr. & Mrs. Jun B. Dispo (my parents as¬†#newlyweds), Papa Pedro Dispo*** (my paternal grandfather)]

*Dr. & Mrs. Baltazar Dispo (Uncle Bal is Papa Ped’s baby brother) ~ another excellent example of¬†#commitment¬†in marriage & to the Catholic¬†#faith¬†~ were my parents’ Principal Sponsors/GODparents/Ninong & Ninang/Padrino y MadrinaÔłŹ

**Drs. Rodolfo & Fe Dollete also are #RoleModels as a #married #couple because they keep the spice alive by ballroom dancing & traveling + enjoy #working together 

***Both sets of my grandparents lived long enough to celebrate their#GoldenAnniversary & beyond: my maternal Lolo Tico & Lola Rosa were married for 56 years, + my paternal Papa Ped & Mama Eufemia were married for almost 61 years 

Guess which decade my parents tied the knot ~ the¬†#bridesmaid‘s¬†#bonnet¬†may be an indicator…

1:11 ~ make a wish!!!  

†R.I.P., Paul Walker†