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Workout Wednesday: Stride with Pride

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Show of hands (or feet):

Who walks every chance they get?

Or better yet …

Who runs every chance they get?

Whether you go on a stroll or speed up your roll, staying in the move will maintain your groove!

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Here’s how I rack up those miles while tracking those smiles (even just in this past week alone without any moan or groan):

  • Since I tend to be overprotective of my truck, I park my caboose further away from other vehicles and thus work out my own caboose by walking a longer distance! At least I put my legs to good use instead of being lazy!
  • I burn calories after a hearty meal, whether with my military buddy or my Church bestie, either at the indoor track or doing or the Mall walk (I actually did the latter with both of them)!
  • The park called my name after Church ~ so I couldn’t resist fitting in my track time to myself and GOD to pray on my merry way!
  • While I’m walking down the hallways at work (both jobs), I usually do so at a fast pace ~ therefore, sometimes my colleagues or students think that I’m in a hurry or on a race ~ yet I’m simply making haste while quickening my heartbeat and my feet! 👣

Walk it off …

Happy Feet 👣 Can’t Be Beat