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TGIF: Fall Perks & Quirks ~ Tacky Sweater Weather Edition

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Holy Cow Cats

Don’t these *Holy Cow Cats* just warm your ♥heart? Both Belated Bday Girl Stats Cat & almost-decade-old Grad Cat do mine! Almost reaching our ultimate goal: PhD for Dr. D

To stay in the spirit for this season, I decked out with a little bit of my autumn aesthetics ~ ringing in the old with the new!

Halloween thru CHRISTmas

My little splurge to bring me cheer this time of year: this rad-in-plaid deer because plaid is on-trend (this one somewhat resembles Burberry) + it’s deer season (not that I’m a hunter) & reindeer season‘s just around the corner ~ so I’ll adorn it with special ornaments! Just to add to my eccentricity, I named this bad boy DOC to keep me motivated as I keep trucking along (more in high-speed) toward my doctoral degree! Along with Doc are A&A‘s *Dallas Cowboys* TD toy for football season & my classic Halloween decor ~ including Badtz-Maru pillow ~ on this plaid spread that accompanies autumn yet also is appropriate for winter as we approach CHRIS†mas in red & green!

Here’s more info on my fall favorites to take yours truly through this sweater weather & before the snow hits our neck of the woods …

Come Fall with Me

☼Sunset☼ Selfie: I’m double-cheesin’ (at least without a double-chin) and have a Kool-Aid smile (without the Kool-Aid) because I had a superb dentist visit & cleaning! Coffee stains: gone! {My 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Paper Floral Shirt Dress works in any season & I ♥adore♥ these Smithsonian Cherry Blossom earrings with Swarovski elements from Mami Aya as the perfect color for Breast Cancer Awareness Month + I’m dolling Dulce Candy‘s fall braid-framed bun}

13 Pre-Howl-o-ween Fave Fall Things

  1. What’s the best fall memory you have? ~ football games, both when I was in h.s. & when I’d see my *Dallas Cowboys* live (everything’s BIGGER in TX)
  2. What’s your favorite book you’re reading (or have read) this fall?~ Guts Grace & Glory (football devotionals) that I received during Lent & am reading through football season
  3. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner?~ both (winged liner above in Exhibit B)
  4. Best fragrance for fall? ~ Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin (above in Exhibit A)
  5. What is autumn weather like where you live? ~ we’re still as ☼sunny☼ as Indian summer but anticipate a cool-down soon
  6. Most worn sweater? ~ my tribal cardigan by ♫Maroon 5‘s ♪Adam Levine♪
  7. Must-have nail polish this fall? ~ Sally Hansen‘s Miracle Gel to top off color because it seriously lasts a long time (I’m just barely removing my color after 45 days)!
  8. Football games or jumping in leaf piles? ~ BOTH! (see No. 1 for football & Exhibit B for leaf piles)
  9. Skinny jeans or leggings? ~ either or, as long as I don’t have a muffin top in the denim or camel toe in the tights
  10. What is something that nobody knows about you? ~ I don’t mind digging into Ramen even if there’s other food in the panty (especially as comfort food now that we’re entering a colder climate), which I actually ate for lunch this afternoon while watching Wong Fu‘s major cook-off!
  11. Combat boots or Uggs? ~ bringing on my Docs, baby!
  12. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?~ ¡Claro que sí!
  13. What song really gets you into the fall spirit? ~ oddly enough, ♫Taylor Swift‘s Wildest Dreams because it could describe any desire (i.e., “tall” could be a tall order of Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha), fulfilled or fantasized about

Beauty Tuesday: Drug Store Score & More

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As a doc student on a budget, I no longer can invest on high-end cosmetics such as my beloved

Yet I don’t mind the beauty products that I find for less at CVS!

Latest Face Craze

Neutrogena Crease Proof Eye Shadow

I was in search of an eye makeup primer, and Neutrogena has these liquid shadows that already have it built-in with these neutral shades that make for a great *smoky eye* {Neutrogena Crease Proof Eye Shadow in Stay Golden 10 & Lasting Toupe 50} I already dig on Neutrogena products for their skin-protecting features, including their hypoallergenic eye products & SPFs!

Nail $ale

Milani Color Statement

Of course, I can’t resist markdowns, especially on something I’m seeking anyway! {Milani Color Statement in Mint Crush} Close to Tiffany Blue


Sally Hansen 85 Gold Hardener

I’m all about the gold … These’ll top nails off! {Sally Hansen 8K Gold Hardener}

Good vibes to yours truly as I meet with my dissertation chair (head honcho professor of my committee) today!

Beauty Tuesday: Spa Days

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Happy Belated Dr. MLK Jr. Day!

Tomorrow, my spring semester starts for the speech class that I teach. For the week and-a-half prior, I had my simple spa days:

Cornrow Care

Cornrow Care: Bandanas & scarves + dry shampoo ~ including this one from my Birthday/B2S Birchbox and from my fave raves ~ come in handy for my braided hair and Asia!

Cornrow Maintenance

Mo’ Cornrow Main(tenance) for my Mane: Annie backs me on more bandanas & scarves!

Skin Care Selfie

S is for … SundaySkin Care/Face Mask Selfie ~ Clean in 2015 * NO Makeup * Bare Face * I Woke Up Like This … It also stood for Superbowl-bound ~ until my *DALLAS COWBOYS* were defeated

  • got my massage from Lisa
  • gave myself a mani-pedi

* Another acne treatment:


Both mi comadre y mi amigo suggested this skin care mode for me ~ so I noticed the effectiveness when I spot-treat! When I compared ingredients between my toothpaste and my astringent, it made sense:

Benzoic Acid!

Well, we all need to make time out of our busy schedules to take care of ourselves! In the midst of serving my Church, working on my dissertation, teaching and tutoring, photographing, I must be mindful of my own maintenance in order to keep up my mood and momentum plus stay effective.

CHEERS to ♣Spring♣ 2015!

Beauty Tuesday: Pretty Feet

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Today, I want you to think on your toes about how you care for those lil’ piggies!

Almost a couple of weeks ago, we attended Holy Thursday Mass at my Church, where our Deacon’s homily was about how Jesus washed His disciples feet. Deacon, who is a doctor, discussed how disgusting feet may be, but how this experience of washing each other’s feet was a sign of love.

Let’s love our feet!

Treat your feet to pedicures. Whether you DYI or go pro, make sure that you moisturize for smooth, soft skin all over, from the tops of your feet to your soles: buff any rough edges, lather with lotion, apply cuticle oil to your toe nails and paint fresh coats of color ~ especially so you can show them off in sandals and peep toes this Spring and Summer! Check out my cold feet tips that still can work all year-round!


Treat your Tootsies w/T♥C! Like my Spring & Summer soap & lotions full of fun, floral or fruity fragrances? *SWEET PEA Forever* is a tribute to the Birthday Girl {photos below}

Since many of us fashionistas like to sport stylish foot candy in forms of stilettos or narrow toe boxes, pointy heels and toes may do debilitating damage to our feet in the long run. Speaking of the long run, when I ran races, I started noticing more pain at the joints of my big toe and pinky toe bones. That’s when I became more aware of my bunion problem, which already was hereditary yet worsened through my types of shoes and strenuous activity. Then I addressed my options with two podiatrists (foot doctors) — who both were conveniently located within just running distance from my home at the time — and they brought to my attention alternatives to surgical removal — which I’d seek as a last resort if my symptoms were too severe (plus I didn’t want to suffer post-op risks or sever off time from teaching or training to recover off my feet). Here are the measures that I’ve taken to live with these bunions and delay the process of becoming more prominent and bothersome.

Beat & Bash Bunion Busts

  • Prescription Orthotics
  • Toe Wraps
  • Toe Bandages
  • Toe Separators (i.e., Yoga Toes)

Easter Basket for Feet Treats {info below}


PURRfect Pedicure: PedEgg to smooth sole skin & Gel Toe Separators to straighten toe bones + prevent paint smudges


Love your Peds even in Keds! I wear these Toe-Kinis w/some open- & closed-toes or customed Foam Toe Bandages w/socks & closed-toe shoes.


While On-the-Go or at Rest: Soft Splints to wrap around feet can work in spacious shoes or even during sleep, & Gel Guard can be worn w/socks & closed-toes

Now how ’bout I wrap up the foot of this post on a kicka** note? We celebrated the True Blue Pitbull/Mavs Champ Canine Sweet Pea‘s Birthday! She turned the BiG 1-2 a week ago!

*SWEET PEA* the Easter Bunny

#HappyEaster from my #MansBestFriend #BirthdayGirl #SweetPea the #sweetest #pitbull in the #world who’s the #BIG12! #OlGirl #SeniorDog in #BunnyEars #BirthdayDog #BdayGirl #birthday #dog #MadDogging #MadCheezing #canine #K9 #KoolAid #smile #sweet #love who is #groan #grown out of #happiness #Easter #SeniorDogs #12thBirthday #AprilBaby

*SWEET PEA* the Birthday Girl/Easter Bunny

#HappyEaster & #HappyBirthday (4/22) to #SweetPea the #sweetest #pitbull in the #world who’s the #BIG12 ~ my #MansBestFriend #BirthdayGirl #OlGirl #SeniorDog #BlowOutTheCandles #MakeAWish on #BirthdayCake in #BunnyEars #BirthdayDog #BdayGirl #birthday #dog #MadDogging #MadCheezing #canine #K9 #KoolAid #smile #sweet #love is #groan #grown out of #happiness

*SWEET PEA* the Make a Wish DOG!

#HappyBirthday (4/22) to #SweetPea the #sweetest #pitbull in the #world who’s the #BIG12 ~ my #MansBestFriend #BirthdayGirl #OlGirl #SeniorDog #BlowOutTheCandles #BirthdayCake #BirthdayDog #BdayGirl #birthday #dog #MadDogging #MadCheezing #canine #K9 #KoolAid #smile #sweet #love is #groan #grown out of #happiness #SeniorDogs #12thBirthday #AprilBaby Tag PhotoAdd LocationEdit

*SWEET PEA* the Mavs Champ K9!

#HappyEaster & #HappyBirthday (4/22) to #SweetPea the #sweetest #pitbull in the #world who’s the #BIG12 ~ my #MansBestFriend #BirthdayGirl #OlGirl #SeniorDog #BlowOutTheCandles in #BunnyEars #BirthdayDog #BdayGirl #birthday #dog #MadDogging #MadCheezing #MavsMadness #DallasMavericks #MFFL #canine #K9 #KoolAid #smile #love is #groan #grown out of #happiness

Man's Best Friend & *MAVS* Fans for Life

Our MAVS have thought on their toes to 2 victories in this 1st round of the NBA Playoffs!

& don’t forget to stretch those lil’ piggies!