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Mixer Monday: Cool as a Cucumber

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H2O 🌊hydration is essential for our healthy lifestyles above anything else that our 🚹body🚺 consumes. We especially crave it during this 🌅summer🌞 💥heat!


I call this 🌠Star🌌 Water (after my mother‘s first name ~ Estrella ~ which means “star”) that calls for: 💧Water💦 Fresh slices of the following: cucumber * lemon🍋 * ginger🍈 * mint leaves 🌿 (no honey🍯 added ~ but it’s optional for sweetness [I prefer none to savor the tangy taste])

My mom, the retired Registered Nurse😷 after almost 4-1/2 decades, has been mixing up this cool concoction that offers a wealth💸 of physical health benefits, including ingredients in her cold medicine💊 when I lost my voice last spring🍀 & my hangover solutions + another from Lisa my LMT‘s post-massage💆🏻 🍹cocktail🍸


Sunday☀️ 📳Selfie: Aside from adding the cucumber to her latest batch of ✨Star💫 Water, I asked my Nanay to save me a couple of slices to place over my eyes👀 & felt their calming soothing effects! Now, as a 🎥photographer, I’m a pro behind the 📹camera + in front of the 📷cam, taking 📲selfies📱 even with my eyes😆 covered and closed!

Cheers to Mami Aya‘s refreshing herb water that helps ease digestion + boosts our vitamin🍊 intake!

Fitness & Feline Friday: Sun Core

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☼Sun☼ Rise, Slim Set!

This ☼sunny☼, sweaty ☼summer☼ series continues with our midsection …


Hello Kitty belly button bling ring

… because we want to rock out our abs on the beach …


½ my ♥

… or poolside!


The other ½ ☺

Core Combination

  • Standing Knee Raises (lower abs): standing hip-width apart, draw knees up one at a time while bringing bent arms down toward chest ~ 3×20 for each leg
  • Plank Side Bends (obliques): leaning on one elbow at a time with feet stacked, bend and press your hips ~ 3×20 for each side
  • Side Plank Turns (obliques): leaning on one palm at a time with feet stacked, twist to side plank one side at a time for 10 seconds each ~ 3×5 for each side
  • Reverse Plank Dips (core & tris): with palms of hands & heels on the mat/flat surface, pop pelvis upward while bending arms ~ 3×20
  • Double Leg Raises (lower abs & back): while laying down, lift both legs up slowly and with control ~ 3×20 alternating sets with legs together and apart

Next up, we’ll hit our lower bod!

De-Stress Saturday: Less Mess = Less Stress

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🍀Spring🍀 Clean Time!

I’ve been known as both a clutter bug and a shutter bug 

  1. I save everything 
  2. I take photos of everything ~ hence I accumulate so much space on my devices and memory 

My best friend, Melody, has advised me of this: 

In order to organize, you’ve got to minimize!

Based on

De-Clutter Your House, De-Stress Your Body ~ Dr. Oz (Tuesday, 2/24/2015) *

Mess = Stress
🏡If your home is cluttered, you have physical & mental stress😱
👆Higher blood pressure
70% clutter 🐝bugs🐞 struggle w/obesity or being overweight😖
😜Feeling overwhelmed ~ starts off & sets tone of day😝

Mess spreads like cancer ~ metastasizes. ~ Dr. Oz

1. Get rid of what you don’t like, use or wear 
2. Categorize ~ like by season
Reverse hang clothes, upon wearing hang correct way, remove items that haven’t been worn after 6mos
We wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time
Change your mindset
Language: instead of “junk drawer” –> utility drawer
Separate by piles: belongs here, somewhere else, in trash
Put like things together
Free 💰money💸 drawer: coupons, 🎁gift cards💳
💊Medicine💉 cabinet: only keep stuff you use ~ so everything is easy to find (reduces you buying extra)
Less Mess = Less Stress
💝Heart💖 will 🎼sing🎤 w/ 🌈joy🌞when you get rid of the clutter
Create space that reduces stress
📅Everyday for 6wks: declutter, exercise, diet plan 📆

* Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight: Stress-Reduction Slimdown by Peter Walsh📚

Workout Wednesday: Wayback WOV ~ VHS

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Welcome to Workout Wednesday, Wayback Wednesday edition!

As I did ring in 2015, I exercised to throwback DVDs from McD’s, of all eateries!

Then I also retreated back to basics ~ which I encourage all of you to do (especially if you’re stuck in a rut):

What worked for YOU when you were in the best shape of your life?

For yours truly, these old school WOVs worked for me to give me excessive energy first thing in the morning … and were the best surefire way to get me through the day:


Jennie Garth (Beverly Hills 90210) was my main workout squeeze back in the early-’90s ~ got me through conditioning & off-season training ~ while Billy Blanks got this DISPO with Tae Bo ♥cardio♥ to keep the flow of staying slim & trim @ the turn of the 21st century!

I’m WOVin’ it to stay fit even when my time’s only a bit ~ in the midst of chores and more, there’s no excuse not to score!


Workout Wednesday: Fitness with Friends

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The more, the merrier!


When you have a workout buddy, you reap these many rewards:


* enhancing & improving your athletic skills, through teaching & learning from your exercise partner
* accountability & obligation to your partner ~ so no excuses
* strengthening your friendship
* making the time go by faster when you’re having fun!


Regardless of the activity, y’all choose, the experience is beneficial, both physically and socially!


Last Thursday, after Adoration, I jogged with my Church buddy from Chapel to the Disc Golf park. The round trip run was about five miles, including this scenic route. We flicked the disc, and I got great tips from both him and my college friend, the DG guru!


Last night, I hit the court to shoot hoops with my Pinoy boy to relieve stress. Since I’m a much better spectator from the sidelines and stands than a player on the floor, I caught some decent shots… Of photos!


I workout …


‘Cause I’m happy (think the song)!


5:55 ~ make a workout wish!!!

Soothing the Soul & Sole

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I wrapped up last night 🌙 & kicked 👟 off 🏈 today ☀️ just right 😎

💄 #BeautyTip: 👛 @ 😲 #bedtime 😵 lather #hands 👏 & #feet 👣 in #lotion then wrap hands 👋 in #mittens or #gloves & feet in #socks to seal in moisture to keep #ManiPedi 💅 #skin 👍 #soft 👌 & #smooth 👊 + #warm ✌️ while 😴 #sleeping 💤

#SpiritualHealth #Tip: @ 🌇 #RiseAndShine 🌅 do #PrayerStretches through #BreathPrayers while holding each #stretch [while I #pray 🙏 the #Rosary 🌹 that’s 50+ total #stretches]