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Thirsty Thursday: Rejoice in Reading

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Now that we’ve entered Lent


… these readings will provide enlightenment.

At Ash Wednesday Mass

The 🎼Marian Choir’s🎵 music selections🎶 moved my 💖heart, + the readings📖 that I proclaimed🎤 through ☝️GOD’s grace🙏 refreshed my soul😇 as we enter Lent✨ 👼R.I.P.✌️ 💐Aling Rose🌹 #CHRISTbeOurLight #Joel2 #Psalm51 #2Corinthians5 #Matthew6

Thirsty Thursday: Glorify GOD

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Ever since I started my ministry service at Church, I’ve prayed

Come, Holy Spirit…

And He has guided me through the readings and commentaries at Mass.

This past Pentecost, I especially felt the LORD lead me with strength, as I was moved by the Holy Spirit, during the prayers and hymns that I spoke and sang with our congregation as commentator and cantor.

However, I was told to back off from the mic a bit after. Despite that remark, I received positive reception from other parishioners, who were grateful to hear my clear voice. My dad’s friend and fellow veteran-turned barber, even said my voice was like a bird’s!


So, I’ll keep using my voice as a gift from GOD, to glorify His name. He is worthy of praise.

Happy Father’s Day, especially to the LORD GOD Almighty!