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Fitness Friday: Sun Buns

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☼Sun☼ Out, Buns Out!

In this case, I don’t mean the buns-in-the-oven that I mentioned recently, unless you have one (or more on the way) ~ at which case I suggest that you consult with your physician about the upcoming physical activity!

Once upon a time (a decade ago), someone told me that I have a bubble butt ~ he meant that as a compliment: that my behind looked lifted and firm!

Melo & ME

Flashback Friday: My BFF & I rock out the same EXP ReRock Jeans! #2greatMindsThinkAlike

So, our ☼sunny☼, sweaty series goes down to the derierre to round out all of the ☼summer☼ routines!

As Ice Cube raps:

♫Put your back (or another word) into it!♪

~ from the Save the Last Dance soundtrack

Bottom Moves to Get YOU into Tip-Top Shape

  • Squats (legs): try variations of stances (wide/plié, hip/shoulder width, narrow) and my 1K challenge!
  • Deadlifts (legs & back): while standing with your legs hip/shoulder width apart and holding your choice of resistance down in front of you close to your body, lower the weight toward your ankles then raise it up to your hips ~ lift with your knees, NOT with your back, and DON’T lock your knees!
  • Clean Press (my personal favorite for legs & shoulders): start at deadlift position, then squat while lifting the weight over your head!
  • Standing Extensions (quadriceps) & Curls (hamstrings): while standing with your legs together, lift one leg directly in front of you (quads/front of your thigh) then bring it behind you (hams/back of your thigh) ~ 3×20 each leg
  • Vic(tory) Kicks: kick your legs up to the sky!

Flashback Friday: *DCC*

Workout Wednesday: Go Lean in 2015 Routine

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To 🔔ring🎊 in 🎆2015🎇 with a 💥bang🔫 and a 👊pow🌟 do 20 reps or secs of these 15 moves:

👣 Let’s Go… 👟

1. Jumping Jacks* to pump up your heart💓
2. Burpees/Leap Frog🐸: squat, leap up and drop down to plank, then push up to starting position
3. Mountain🗻 Climbers: from plank, twist each knee up to alternating sides
4. 🏉Football🏈 Fun Run🏁 (in spirit of the NFL playoffs: back up on your feet and sprint in place then to each side for 20 seconds
5. Dance💃: freestyle to whatever jams🎧 you have going
💪Tone Up🎶 (20 repetitions)
6. Sit-ups: roll over on your back and give me 20 more for your core (your choices of v-ups with arms and legs stretched out then together, crunches with your feet flat and your arms crossed over your chest or behind your head, or bicycle abs with your elbows alternating to your knees)
7. Push-ups: drop down and give me 20 (you can mix it up with wide or narrow arms, to work your chest and tris, respectively)
8. Renegade Row: from plank, use light resistance (i.e., dumb bells, wrist weights, water bottles) to row up (for your back)
9. Curls: while lunging (for your legs), use same light resistance to curl up (for your arms)
10. Clean & Press: while squatting, use heavier resistance (i.e., bar, basket, book) to press up (for your shoulders)
️Cool Down⛄️ (seated💺 exercises)
11. Neck Rolls: roll your neck around clockwise 10x and counter-clockwise 10x
12. Shoulder Rolls: roll your shoulders forward 10x and backward 10x
13. Butterfly: while sitting, bring the soles of your feet together with your hands🙌 clasped around them (to stretch your arms and legs) and breathe deeply for 20 secs
14. 🐱Cat🐈 🐄Cow: on hands and knees, arch back facing downward, then flatten back while raising your face 20x
15. Child’s Pose: on knees, extend arms overhead and relax for 20 secs ~ you’re done! For now… 😉

A mantra phrase during the JJs may help keep you at bay and the momentum going!

You Got This ~ & I Got This ‘n the ‘lene! #DISPObustAFlow 🎤

Workout Wednesday: Clean 2B Lean in 2015

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Out with the old, in with the new …


Chococat Pillow & Basket + Hello Kitty Basket by Sanrio for Forever 21; Pillows & Case @ far right by Roxy (TM)

How about knocking a couple of those New Year’s Resolutions with one stone? More specifically: * Better Bod * Declutter

Chores = Scores

On your bod, that is!

Rather than dreading doing duties around your house, relish in the resistance that can maximize and maintain your muscle mass!

Here are moves that will keep you in the groove (although these may not be the most glamorous ~ they’ll keep you fit and fabulous) …

Equipment needed: laundry basket or waste baskets * broom stick * mop

  • Hamper or Trash Trunk Twist (Core): While taking out your laundry or garbage and holding heavy hamper or can, turn your obliques from side to side until you reach your destination (i.e., laundry room, dumpster)
  • Underhand Hamper or Garbage Grips (Bis): Lift full hamper or multiple-gallon trash can directly in front of you and curl upward to work biceps; I recommend 10-12
  • Overhead Hamper or Garbage Grips (Tris): Lift empty small trash cans over head and extend back to work triceps; I recommend 15-20
  • Mop Press (Chest): Lay down and push mop upward above chest; I recommend 25-30
  • Broom Row (Back): Sit up while holding broom directly in front of you and pull backward to work your back; I recommend 25-30
  • Sweep Squats (Legs): Drape broom across your shoulders and lower your legs; I recommend 25-30
  • Victory Skip ~ DON’T trip (♥Cardio♥): After you complete your chores, celebrate your scores with ♥cardio♥ by skipping, jogging or running around your clean home!

*~* Happy NYE 2015 *~*

Workout Wednesday: Shopping Is Slimming

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Merry †CHRISTmas† Eve!!! Trim the Tree!! & your Body!


S is forShopping * Supermarket * Slimming * Santa’s Helper * Starbucks * Skinny Latte * Sippie / Sippy * Selfie

To me, shopping can be a necessary evil …

Unless I can turn it into a positive experience!

Imagine pushing this giant cart around! I saw this after my venture to Farmers Market. Then I got creative with the pumpkins that I picked from both…

As †CHRISTmas/HOLYday† shopping draws to a close, here are ways we can benefit ~ by burning both our wallets and calories at the same time:

  • Cart Press ~ Low Impact (Chest and ♥Cardio♥): Push your cart to work your chest and briskly walk around for ♥cardio♥ on the store floor
  • Curl with Both Arms (Biceps): Lift heavy object (i.e., box of soda cans below*) up for a few repetitions at a time; I recommend 10-12
  • Single-Arm Curl (Biceps): Lift light object (i.e., bottle below*) up for a several repetitions per arm; I recommend 15-20
  • Cart Lunges (Thighs): While standing at an aisle and leaning onto the cart handle, step back and drop your knee, one leg at a time
  • Cart Calf Raises (Calves): While waiting at the checkout line and holding onto the cart handle, step on your tippie toes then rock to your ankles for your calves
  • Cart Press ~ High Impact (Chest and ♥Cardio♥): After you unload your groceries, push your cart to work your chest again and run to park it for more ♥cardio♥!

My 2014 Jack-o-Lanterns/Painted Pumpkins: el Día de los Muertos y los Dallas Mavericks

* Here’s ☼CHEERS☼ for a †HOLYday† mix of the Ed-winner †CHRISTmas† Cocktail, complete with Cranberry Sprite that I discovered at †Church† during our †Novena†!


Lo-Cal with Skinny Sweet & Sour

Try these other festive fitness moves to ♪jam♪ up the ♫jingle♫ from Kris Kringle!

Workout Wednesday: 🍗Roast🍖 Beast Mode

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It came upon watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas tonight here!


The Historic Paramount Theatre (Downtown Abilene)

Working out over the HOLYdays🙏 will prevent our tummies from rolling like a bowl full of jelly … As in that of Jolly Ol’ St. Nick! 🎅


We were Good Girls this year on Santa‘s List of Nice ~ checking it twice!!

The scene when The Grinch was propped up like a cobra on a ❄️cliff⛄️ at the climax about to crash CHRISTmas🎄 inspired these moves.

On your mats … Get set … Go!

Full Grinch (like Cobra) 🐍 On your belly with legs and toes down, raise your torso with palms down, shoulders back and chest out for 30sec-1min.

Cinch Grinch (like Leap Frog/Burpee) 🐸 From previous position, push yourself up with hands, then jump to your feet. 👣

Ru-dog Rave (like Bunny Hop) 🐰 Just like Grinch’s canine companion who was his Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer sidekick, hold your arms up and hop around!

Inch Grinch (like Inch Worm) 🐛 Just like Grinch’s creeping, you’ll walk on your palms🙌 and toes!

Raise the Sleigh (Shoulder Raise) 💪 Lift something really heavy🎁 (but not to the point of risking your joints) in your arms ~ leading with your knees, NOT your back, then lift overhead!

Cindy Lou Snow Angels (Wave) 👱 Cool down by lying on your back starting with your arms and legs spread out, then bring them together, then wave them out for several reps to loosen up those muscles (just what Martha Way Whovier loved about The Grinch) from the burn through ROAST BEAST MODE!!!

*~* Gym Greetings *~*

Oh yes, and I’d love to rock out Cindy Lou Who’s hair💁 … After pulling off the 🐝beehive🍯 as my Mom the Nurse😷 Graduate🎓 for 🎃Halloween👻, this is my next challenge!

Workout Wednesday: Baby Beast Mode

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I can’t work out because I can’t take time away from my Baby👶.

Rather than saying, “I can’t,” say, “I can,” and do take your Baby!

Here are 3 sure-fire🔥 ways that both you and Baby can exercise together!

* Push the stroller while jogging! {like my friend, Amy the Birthday Girl, did with her son, Nathan the Birthday Boy}
• The stroller with your Baby provides resistance, in particular for your arms! 💪
• The jogging provides cardio, while you tone up your legs!


* Do sit-ups while showing your Toddler flash cards! {like on my novela📺 Be Careful with My Heart💖}
• The sit-ups work your abs!
• You’re teaching your Toddler new words at the same time!

Baby Girl Meadow

Baby Girl Meadow

* Do lunges with your Baby on your knee! {like mi Cuñada Janet with her Baby Girl Meadow (5mos) ~ mi Cuñado Ray suggested that I do them with their daughter Toddler Sylvia (18mos) for the more advanced version}
• Lifting your child helps your upper body and core as you switch legs ~ therefore, this turns into a total body training session!

Big Sis Sylvia

Big Sis Sylvia

Baby Beast Mode Time! 👊

Oh yeah, and if you’re pregnant, please check out my recommendations to stay Pretty Fit!

Workout Wednesday: Water Works

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To the tune of Mariah Carey:

♫You just got to…


…Swim it off♪

🏊Now that summer’s here, go where it’s wet and clear!

Surf’s up!

🏄Whether you’re wading in the pool or boogie-boarding on the beach, stroking along the crashing waves provides low-impact yet high endurance exercise.
Plus, if you take it outdoors, you’ll get your Vitamin D fix from the ☼sunshine☼!

Of if you have an indoor pool, like the one I had at my hotel on work assignment a couple of weeks ago, you still can swim laps or do water aerobics and pool pilates comfortably!


And isn’t it delightful to hit the water with companions and workout buddies?

Cami&MeFine, fair-weather furry friends and fun water-lovers alike can bring great company, including bringing up your heart-rate with swimming races, like I did with my Pinoy boy last weekend!


Wayback Wednesday: Grad School friends and I have a day at the lake!

Splash blast!