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Workout Wednesday: Double Dip, DON’T Trip + Tips

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Let’s do double leg raises!

These will work out not just our legs and lower back, but also our hip flexors as we twist …

We’ll get creative by making shapes.

As we’re laying down, we’ll do the following sequence of 10 per set:

  • Legs together
  • Spiral/tornado up then down
  • Scissor legs ~ spread out then bring back together
  • Draw ♥hearts♥ for Belated ♥Valentine’s♥ Day
  • Draw four-leaf ♣clovers♣ for Early ♣St. Patrick’s♣ Day
St. Patty's Cat

♣St. Pat’s♣ Cat inspiration: Soon-to-Be Bday Girl *ASIA* (in almost 2wks) is chillaxin’ w/♣Good Luck♣ Care Bears ~ we can reward ourselves w/R&R after we work out our legs & core to score! #DISPObustAFlow

Extra guidelines from XHIT expert Rebecca Louise: