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Workout Wednesday: Beach Ball and Fall

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Sand volleyball‘s the ultimate ~ especially playing it a la playa ~ but what about sand soccer? My students told me about it, so I must try it! Either way, running and playing on the sand is much more challenging than on flat land. Here are v-ball highlights ~ Saved By the Bell style…

 IMG_0540IMG_0541IMG_0542IMG_0543IMG_0544IMG_0545IMG_0546IMG_0547IMG_0548IMG_0549 Also, my good buddy/fellow educator went skydiving for the third time at SPI this past weekend, so that’s one dare that I must add to my bucket list ~ likely after I become Dr. D!

Sunday Fun Day: S is For …

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☼ Sunday ☼ Sunshine ☼ Fun in the Sun ☼ South Padre Island ☼ sun ☼ sea ☼ shore ☼ sand ☼ swim ☼ surf ☼ skydiving ☼ seashore

One of my favorite parts of the Valley ~ aside from the Basilica in San Juan, of course ~ is definitely the beach!


Crashing Waves


Soaring Seagulls


Sailing Boats


Scorching Rays


Sunshine Days


Sunset at the Bay …


… Takes My Breath Away …


… As the Shady Palm Trees Sway.