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Fight Friday: PacWOW Hype

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Countdown⏰ to the Pac-May match👊 in less than 1 day…

First of all, PacWOW is full of †faith† in his pre-fight speech:


From the latest issue of SI




IMG_6236 IMG_6239

 … To tonight’s Live with Jimmy Kimmel 📺

His wannabe entourage sidekick even ♪sang along♪ to his entrance ♫theme song♫!

Workout Wednesday: Swimsuit & Catwalk Ready

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Let’s be sexy in our own skin!

Recently, I received the new special SI: Swimsuit Issue

Swim 2015

Sport Illustrated: Swim 2015

So now’s the time to get into tip-top shape for the ♣spring♣ and ☼summer☼!

What better time than the present?

Cable Cat Lady

I’m not really that cold cat lady ~ I’m The *HOT* Kitty Mama of 2!

The best way to go is to mix up your workouts and keep it interesting (to prevent plateau), for instance