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Sports Sunday: A-Rod Badace Pass

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Alex Rodriguez has had my ♥heart♥ as a MLB *superstar*


♫Strolling Down Memory Lane♪ ☼Sunday☼ Cruise throwback: ♠A-Rod♠ with the *Texas Rangers*

  • since he was a rookie with the Seattle Mariners over two decades ago
  • through his career with the Texas Rangers
  • and even when he went to the New York Yankees
Asia & I rep A-Rod

♫Strolling Down Memory Lane♪ ☼Sunday☼ Cruise throwback: My blue-eyed girl ♥Asia♥ welcomes me home from Cali on Labor Day ’06 as we rep ♠A-Rod♠ & our *Texas Rangers* (selfie with my digi-cam before they existed on our smartphones & before iPhones existed!)

Despite the scandals that earned him a spot on my Top 5 Bawlers Ballers, I still admire him

  • in the ball park
  • and off the field
Christian & Me in Hats

♫Strolling Down Memory Lane♪ ☼Sunday☼ Cruise throwback: I still sported my love for ♠A-Rod♠ back in the day on the West Coast on *4th of July ’07* in the Bay!

Now into the pro baseball post-season, catch ♠A-Rod♠ in action on FOX Sports!